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powermanager V3.6 HF1

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The power monitoring software powermanager offers along with the measuring devices a power management solution to enhance the energy transparency and to reduce energy costs. ...

The power monitoring software powermanager offers along with the measuring devices 7KT/7KM PAC and SENTRON 3VL, 3VA and 3WL a power management solution to enhance the energy transparency and to reduce energy costs.

With the power monitoring software powermanager V3.6 all measured values are collected, which are required for power consumption optimization and corresponding cost reductions.

The following enhancements are realized in powermanager V3.6 HF1 compared to V3.5:

  • support of new PAC meters (PAC3120, PAC3220)
     - in all workflows e.g. device generation, report definition, etc.
     - updated dashboards to cover the features of the new PAC's 
  • information about license contract and usage of Open Source Software are provided to the user during software installation process
  • Integrated MindSphere Interface (free-of-charge)
  • manual provides overview of ports to be used by powermanager to ensure seamless operation of the software in case of firewall operation
  • The default settings of SENTRON powermanager V3.5 and V3.6 leads to data to be stored in the archive structure inconsistently. This can cause deviations of data in the long therm archive. Counter measures are described in SIOS FAQ  https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/109780303 . SENTRON powermanager V3.6 HF1 adjusts the default settings to the desired archives. After upgrading to V3.6 HF1 it's recommended to handle archives of affected projects according to the FAQ.
    It's highly recommended to upgrade older versions (<= V3.4 SP1 HF1) to V3.6 HF1


Every installation comes with a Trial-license will be activated automatically whenever no full license is available on this computer.
The Trial license can be used for up to 60 days with the full functionality of powermanager V3.6 for up to 10 devices. The 60 days of the test period begin with the first start of a project.
The Trial license can be used at any computer once. After the Trial license is expired you need a full license to run the software. These licenses can be ordered via the standard order numbers and will be handled via the ALM (Automation License Manager).

Please note:

  • Make sure to start the installation routine for powermanager from a path without any blanks!
  • Before starting the installation please read all attached documents carefully.
  • All existing licenses from V3.0/V3.1/V3.2/V3.3/V3.4 SP1/V3.5 are still valid.
  • For updating an existing project, please see the related FAQ here in the SIOS portal.
  • Further information on powermanager V3.6:
  • General information on powermanager:
  • Various reasons e.g.Windows updates require the latest version of the Automation License Manager (ALM). The latest version is not always included in the powermanager zip file. Therefore the ALM version needs to be checked after the installation of powermanager. Information and download of the latest ALM version can be reached following this link.


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