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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 65384955, Entry date: 01/18/2013

Energy management: Configuration example SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 with SIMATIC WinCC

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Optimizing and reducing energy costs takes on an increasingly higher priority in modern companies. If these cost factors are reduced successfully, the accordingly saved resources can be turned into profit elsewhere within a company.
Furthermore, actively pursuing this topic also helps protect the environment.

This application introduces to you the energy management system SIMATIC powerrate. It shows you the application of the basic functions and facilitates the first steps.

SIMATIC powerrate contains the following functions:

Energy acquisition:

  • Energy acquisition (power values, work values) independent of the used hardware
  • Faceplates for displaying the energy values
  • Assigning energy values to batches
  • Using standard mechanisms for archiving the measured values
  • Exporting the acquired energy and batch data according to MS Excel
  • Assigning the energy data to cost centers and evaluation in form of predefined reports

Energy distribution:

  • Basic functionality for Operator Control and Monitoring of general switches and PAC3200/PAC4200

Load management:

  • Load management for up to 100 consumers
  • Faceplate for the configuration and Operator Control and Monitoring of the load management
  • Communication blocks for data exchange between several controllers

  Figure 01


Content of the Downloads


Configuration example for SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1
65384955_Projektierbeispiel_powerrate_V40_SP1_DOKU_v11_en.pdf ( 24563 KB )
Demo project
The zip-file  contains the STEP 7 project and an integrated
WinCC project.
65384955_GS_Demo.zip ( 104254 KB )

Additional information



Simple Introduction into Energy Management with WinCC Entry ID: 48586219
Energy management: Configuration Example for B.Data in Connection with SIMATIC WinCC Entry ID: 46641745
Manual for SIMATIC powerrate V4.0 SP1 Entry ID: 58498579
Manual for WinCC Entry ID: 37436840
Documentation for the example project of the previous version SIMATIC  WinCC powerrate V3.0:
How are SIMATIC Powerrate library blocks used in STEP 7 and WinCC?
65384955_WinCC_powerrate_Projektieranleitung_V30_en.pdf ( 3456 KB )
Demo project for the previous version SIMATIC  WinCC powerrate V3.0:
The zip-file contains the STEP 7 project and an integrated WinCC project.
65384955_Demoprojekt_V3_SP1.zip ( 52027 KB )

Notes on security
The functions and solutions described in this entry are mainly limited to the realization of the automation task. In addition, please note that suitable security measures in compliance with the applicable Industrial Security standards must be taken if your system is interconnected with other parts of the plant, the company's network or the Internet. More information can be found under entry ID 50203404.

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