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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 65647473, Entry date: 05/05/2014

Monitoring with Network Cameras and SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels

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With the help of the Camera Controls images from a connected network camera can be displayed on a SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel.



In many industrial and manufacturing areas it makes sense for production and security reasons to monitor the facility by the use of a network camera. Especially in cases where the operator's view of the plant is impaired, or where local conditions prevent the operator from standing close to the machine, monitoring via network camera is a good option.

Another application is monitoring of several plant sections from a central location. The operator can then quickly respond to possible problems, e.g. if a workpiece has jammed in a machine he can already take the necessary tool with him when he goes to the machine to fix the problem.


  • WinCC Comfort V11 SP2 (Update 3 and higher, can be obtained at entry ID 58112582)
  • SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel
  • Network camera


Entry ID 62383298 contains detailled information on the installation and setting:

    • Installation of the Camera Controls "CamControlES" for the SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel
    • Parameterization of the Camera Controls in the WinCC Comfort V11 engineering system
    • Settings of the network camera  (an IP camera of the type SIEMENS CCMS2025 was used)


    • WinCC Comfort V11 SP2 ( Update 3 and higher )

    CamControl_V11_SP2_Setup.zip ( 10634 KB )  
    • WinCC Comfort V12:  

    CamControl_V12_Setup.zip ( 24510 KB )   

    • WinCC Comfort V13

    CamControl_V13_Setup.zip ( 33793 KB )  

    The information in the Download concerning license conditions and the used open source software is applicable.The product is sold in accordance with the regulations of a Trial License valid for an unlimited period .

     Please note: The Camera Controls is not suitable for positioning purposes. Depending on the camera configuration there may be delays in the image transmission.