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How do I size a Vortex flowmeter?

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How do I size a Vortex flowmeter?

Click on the link below, navigate to the SITRANS FX 300 sizing and calculation section. Locate the SITRANS FX 300 sizing zip file, download the file and install the program. It contains the needed tools in order to make a correct sizing.


Enter the information below:
1) The state and medium.
2) The operating temperature and pressure.
3) The flow type and max. flowrate.

Click the "Calculate meters" button.

You will be able to see the recommendable selections (suitable (green), conditionally suitable (yellow) and not suitable (red)).

If a custom medium or non-standard gas mixture is to be calculated, it is requested also to type in the density and viscosity.

If further sizing results are needed, click the “Result filter” button and remove the "Hide" selections to access all selections regardless of the conditions. 

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