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Technology CPUs: "Drive Error Messages" Technology Template

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When running the technology CPU, states may occur in which warning and error messages of the drives connected to the SINAMICS S drive system must be output. These messages can only be detected by targeted monitoring of the individual drives in the SINAMICS S and indicated to the operator. The task is to monitor the drives on the SINAMICS S and display the occurring events in the SIMATIC Manager or on a connected HMI user interface in plain text.

A drive connected to the SINAMICS S is monitored with the aid of the FB 514 ShowErrDrive function block of the technology template. Depending on the selected mode, monitoring for drive errors is performed using a combination of the following mechanisms:

  • Monitoring the signaling of a drive error via the status display in the technology data block of the axis object.
  • Monitoring using a time-controlled query of the current fault code of the drive  in the SINAMICS S via the FB 455 "ReadDriveParameter" technology function.

The error code output in the event of an error is displayed in plain text using the ALARM_S message function. The error texts are stored in a text library. The error messages occur online in the SIMATIC Manager or in an alarm view or alarm window on an HMI device.

With Inter Project Engineering (IPE), the HMI configuration can also be made in TIA Portal, providing the user, for example, also with the Comfort Panel series.

The FB 514 ShowErrDrive function block and the firmware-dependent error text list of the SINAMICS S as part of the technology template can be applied to a user program simply by copying.


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Documentation 66604179_CPU31xT_drive_error_message_DOKU_v422_en.pdf ( 510 KB )
STEP 7 Project (STEP 7 V5.x)
Function blocks and firmware-dependent error text libraries of the SINAMICS S120 drive system for copying to user projects
66604179_CPU31xT_drive_error_message_CODE_v422.zip ( 604 KB )

Further Information
This template is based on the "Error Messages" template that discusses the following key issues:

  • Output of plain text error messages relating to technology objects via the ALARM_S function
  • Online alarm display in the SIMATIC Manager
  • Message configuration in WinCC flexible
  • Message configuration in WinCC in TIA Portal (using IPE)
  • Expansion of existing text lists
  • Text output formatting using the ALARM_S function
  • Inserting user-defined axis names into the error messages via another text list.


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