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Example Blocks for WinCC (TIA Portal) and STEP 7 (TIA Portal) for S7-1200 and S7-1500 with SCL

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The function scope of WinCC (TIA Portal) and STEP 7 (TIA Portal) can be expanded by technology blocks.

The sensors (binary and analog values) and actuators (valves) of a plant are the basic components of every automation project. The delivery scope of STEP 7 (TIA Portal and WinCC (TIA Portal) does not include technological blocks as a standard feature for the configuration of a basic automation.
This application provides example blocks for WinCC and STEP 7.
The documentation describes how the technological blocks are called and interconnected in STEP 7 and WinCC.
This example project also shows the ready interconnection of the technology blocks (basic automation).

Figure 01


TIA Portal V13 SP1
TIA Portal V14

Topicfor WinCC Comfort/Advancedfor WinCC Professional


Visualization and operator control of a binary valve



Visualization and operation of digital signals



Visualization and operation of analog signals



Visualization and operator control of a motor with fixed speed and rotational direction



Visualization and operator control of a software-implemented PID controller for regulating technical variables with continuous input and output variables



Visualization and control of the SIMOCODE pro motor management system as a direct starter



Visualization and control of the simocode pro motor management system as a reversing starter


The use of faceplates offers you the following advantages:

  • Centralized editing
    When there are any changes on a faceplate, all usage locations of this faceplate will be updated automatically and you save to make multiple changes in all usage locations.
  • Re-use in other projects
    A library is available as download. This makes it easy to use the blocks in your individual projects.
  • Reduced time and effort required for configuration
    By using these ready blocks you save internal development efforts.

Downloads for WinCC Professional
  Documentation V13 SP1 (18,7 MB)
Registration necessary Example project V13 SP1 (60.8 MB)
Registration necessary Project library V13 SP1 (1.1 MB)    

SiVArc faceplates
  Documentation V14 707,4 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project library V14 (6,6 MB)

Downloads for WinCC Comfort/Advanced
 Registrierung notwendig  Documentation V13 SP1 (11,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example project V13 SP1 (88,5 MB) 
 Registrierung notwendig  Project library V13 SP1 (2,9 MB)    

SiVArc faceplates
  Documentation V14 (766,3 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project library V14 (2,7 MB)


  • In the example project, two SIMOCODE pro management systems are configured. The diagnostics function of the controller detects whether configured hardware is missing when starting the program.
  • For this reason, the diagnostics function signals that an I/O access error has occurred, even if the project has been configured correctly. In addition, the red error LED of the controller lights up.
  • Correct functioning of the example project does not require a maximum configuration of the hardware. 
    Correct functioning will not be affected by this diagnostic alarm.

Downloads STEP 7 blocks
Project library
 Registrierung notwendig  for STEP 7 V13 SP1 (1,8 MB)   

Joint application of the faceplates of WinCC Runtime Advanced, WinCC Runtime Professional und WinCC V7
The mentioned faceplates all use the same STEP 7 (TIA Portal) blocks. The respective faceplates can access the same or different instances of the control blocks.
Sample Blocks for WinCC V7 and STEP 7 (TIA Portal) (for S7-1200 and S7-1500 in SCL)   

Further sample blocks (STEP 7 V5, WinCC V7, WinCC flexible 2008)
Sample Blocks for WinCC V7 and STEP 7 V5 (for S7-300 and S7-400 in CFC, SCL)
Sample Blocks for WinCC flexible 2008 and STEP 7 V5 (for S7-300 and S7-400 in CFC, STL)   

Continuing Information
Configuration instruction for creating faceplates for Comfort Panels and WinCC Runtime Advanced
Faceplates SENTRON PAC for WinCC Runtime Professional

Last Changes
SiVArc faceplates for WinCC Advanced V14 and WinCC Professional V14 added

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