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How can you directly access user-defined web pages of the S7-1200 / S7-1500?

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You can use the user-defined web pages to write data to the CPU. For this you must be logged on as user.

The input fields for logging on are located in the top left corner of the standard web pages. You must first open the standard web page, log on there and only then can you use the user-defined web pages to write data to the CPU. This FAQ response provides you with the option of logging on directly to the user-defined web page.

Beforehand you must enable the web server for the CPU in the CPU properties of the device configuration and in the User Administration assign a user the web permissions for operator control and monitoring. Then you must save and compile the project and load it into the CPU.


  1. Open the "STEP_7_Main_Webpage.zip" file attached below and unpack the file in a directory on your hard disk.
  2. Open the "Main_Webpage.html" file and your HTML page using Microsoft FrontPage, for example.
  3. Expand the "<body>" tag as follows: "<body onload="loginCheck()">".
  4. Copy the code from "<!-- BEGIN Login Area -->" up to and including "<!-- END Login Area -->" and paste it in the "body" area of your HTML page.
    If your HTML page is divided into multiple areas with the block element "<div>" or "<span>", paste the code into one of the "<div>" or "<span>" areas.
  5. Generate the web DBs with the TIA Portal and load your configuration data into the CPU.


  • If you log on through the user-defined web pages, the logon window of the standard web pages already opened is not updated automatically. Update the standard web pages by pressing the "F5" key.
  • With firmware V1.7 and higher of the S7-1500 CPUs, in the STEP 7 (TIA Portal) you can define the user pages as the entry page of the web server. As shown in Fig. 1 in the Properties of the S7-1500 CPU you go to "Web server > User-defined web pages > Entry page" and for "Select entry page:" you select the entry "UP1".

Fig. 1


 Registrierung notwendig  step_7_main_webpage.zip (1,1 KB)

Creation Environment
The download in this FAQ response was tested with STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V13 Update 1.

Further Information

  • More information on the topic of S7-1200 web server applications are available in Entry ID: 58862931
  • More information on the topic of S7-1500 web server applications is available in Entry ID: 68011496

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