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Faceplates for the Visualization of Sentron PAC Power Meters for WinCC Runtime Professional

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The power meters of a plant are usually directly installed in the control cabinet and therefore difficult to see for the operating staff. The measured values are to be visualized at the control station so that they are easily to be seen.
An additional option is to archive the energy data or to process them in an energy data management system.

With the components of this application example, the "Sentron PAC3200" and "Sentron PAC4200" power meters can be visualized with very little effort.
The pre-configured faceplate ensures clear visualization - the "HMI data type" for the correct data structure.

The application example offers you the following advantages:

  • Integration of the energy data into the control station.
  • The application of the WinCC faceplate technology allows multiple use of the existing block and thus the saving of resources.
  • With this application example you get the finished faceplate for free, thus reducing your in-house development.


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67318600_Sentron_PAC_WinCC_Prof_en.pdf ( 1246 KB )
Example project
67318600_Sentron_PAC_WinCC_Prof_Demo.zip ( 21121 KB )
TIA Portal library with faceplate and HMI data type (for integration in an own project)
67318600_Sentron_PAC_WinCC_Prof_Library.zip ( 1048 KB )

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