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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 67385048, Entry date: 01/23/2013

ICS CERT Alert on a password tool targeting Siemens S7

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ICS CERT Alert on a password tool targeting Siemens S7 

Siemens has been notified by ICS-CERT(ICS-ALERT-13-016-02)about the public release of a hacking tool targeting password-protected Siemens PLCs.  Under limited circumstances, it may be possible for an attacker to eavesdrop on an authentication attempt to a PLC and obtain the password exchange sequence.  Once this cryptographically secure sequence is obtained, it is possible for an attacker to use the tool described in ICS-ALERT-13-016-02 to perform an offline brute-force dictionary attack.  This type of attack works by using a list of words to guess the actual PLC password.

In order to obtain the information necessary to attempt such an attack, the attacker must have unrestricted access to the PLC network, and be in a position to capture a successful log-in attempt to the PLC.  Customers concerned about unauthorized access to their products can take actions to improve the security of their installation:

-       Improving the strength of the PLC password

-       Implement end to end encryption of communication traffic by using the Siemens Softnet Security Client in conjunction with a Scalance S appliance or Advanced CP

-       Reduce the risk of an attacker being able to capture the authentication / response communications traffic by implementing a defense in depth strategy as outlined in the Siemens Operational Guidelines found on our Industrial Security website

You can find further information on these topics and more by reviewing the information contained at our Industrial Security website  

We thank ICS-CERT for their information.





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