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PRONETA Basic Commissioning and Diagnostics Tool for PROFINET

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PRONETA Basic is a free tool for the analysis and configuration of PROFINET networks with special support for ET 200 distributed IO. The I/O Test can provide support with the quick and comfortable examination and documentation of a plant's wiring.

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SIEMENS PRONETA Basic is a free PC-based software tool which provides assistance with regard to the commissioning of PROFINET plants by providing the following features:

  • Topology overview, which automatically scans your PROFINET and displays all connected devices. This overview can be exported in the form of a device list. There is the option to name the components and to perform other basic configuration tasks and also to compare a reference system with the actually installed configuration.
  • I/O test for the rapid test of the wiring and module configuration of the components. By reading and writing inputs and outputs, PRONETA ensures that the connections between distributed IO components and their sensors and actuators have been wired properly. PRONETA can create test profile templates and save test protocols to document test results.
  • All tasks can be accomplished even before a CPU has been linked up with the network. Since no further engineering tools besides PRONETA and no dedicated hardware are required, PRONETA facilitates a quick and comfortable check of a plant configuration at an early stage.

New features of SIEMENS PRONETA Basic V3.0

  • Support for the I/O test of F-I/O modules at ET 200eco PN (F-DI8, F-DQ3 V1.0) and ET 200SP (F-DI 8x24VDC HF, BP; F-DQ 4x24VDC/2A PM HF, BP; F-DQ 8x24VDC/0,5A PP HF, BP; F-RQ 1x24VDC/24..230VAC/5A; F-PM-E 24VDC/8A PPM ST, BP)
  • Improved user interface
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements

PROFINET Professional
Beside the free PRONETA Basic, there is now also the licensed product PRONETA Professional, which extends the PRONETA Basic functionality by providing an API, based on MQTT communication, which allows the automated and remotely conducted scan of PROFINET networks.
PRONETA Professionalin the SIEMENS Mall

PRONETA Requirements

  • Hardware
    SIEMENS PRONETA Basic runs on any standard PC, PG or laptop. The PROFINET connection is established through a regular Industrial Ethernet cable.
  • Software
    PRONETA Basic is released for Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded Compact, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (each with 32 or 64 bits).
    In addition to PRONETA Basic, the .NET Framework v4.6.1 must be present on the PC.

To start and install the software tool, proceed according to the documentation.


SHA256 checksum: DB39462F169672148ABAAF0098ABFF2160602AED738B04D346E9056DF55C5CED

SHA256-Prüfsumme: 311C5D92A79B0C5431A8AAE2F503E9C6379BC3E85A362D1305480497DBE45004
(Source code for OSS components used by PRONETA, download is not mandatory)

Further Information

If you have any questions or problems regarding the application of SIEMENS PRONETA, please contact

Latest Changes
Update to software version 3.0

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