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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 67725186, Entry date: 02/25/2013

Restricted Delivery Release for SCALANCE XR500

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Restricted delivery release of all currently available SCALANCE XR500 basic units, media modules and power supply.

Extended availability of media modules:
The following Power over Ethernet (PoE) media modules are presently available:


6GK5 992-4RA00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4QA00-8AA0


Additional approvals:

The following approvals have been obtained:

·        c-UL-us

·        c-UL-us for Hazardous Locations

·        FM

·        ATEX95 Zone 2

·        C-Tick

·        CE

·        KC

 A restriction exists due to the lacking CaX data.


1. Product Description

The SCALANCE X-500 Industrial Ethernet switches with robust metal housing in degree of protection IP20 have been optimized for installation in 19 inch control cabinets. The power supply unit (85 to 264V AC) for the SCALANCE X-500, which is also optimized for installation into 19 inch control cabinets, can either be mounted directly on the back of the SCALANCE X-500, or - in the case of rack mounting - connected on the front. The ports of the SCALANCE X-500 are located either on the front or on the back of the unit.

The switches come equipped with:

·        4-pole terminal block on the front for redundant connection of the separate 24V voltage supply (85 to 264V AC)

·        6-pole socket on the rear for installation of the separate 24V voltage supply unit (85 to 264V AC)

·        2-pole terminal block for connection of the floating contact for fault signaling

·        LED line for display of status information (power, link status, data traffic, voltage supply, signaling contact)

·        SELECT/SET button for easy setting of the error signaling contact on the device

·        Receptacle on side of device for the C-PLUG replacement medium for easy device replacement in case of an error.

·        Console port for on-site parameterization/diagnostics (serial RS232 interface, RJ11 cable to DB-9 included in scope of delivery) and Ethernet-Management port.


The SCALANCE X-500 switches are available with the following types of ports:

·        four integrated SFP+ slots for optical SFP+ or SFP plug-in transceivers (multi-mode and single-mode connections)

o       The SFP+ plug-in transceivers support 10 Gbps

o       The SFP plug-in transceivers support 1000 Mbps


·        6 or 12 slots for electrical 4-port media modules or optical 4-port media modules for multi-mode or single-mode connections; the optical media modules are available with different connection systems

o       The RJ45 sockets are also available industry-approved with additional holding shrouds for connection of the Industrial Ethernet FC RJ45 plug 180

o       The electrical 4-port media modules with PoE are supported in slots 1 to 3 in the upper slot rows. The PoE modules support the standards 802.3at Type 1 and Type 2. For each module the maximum use of 4 x 802.3at Type 1 or 2 x 802.3at Type 2, or a suitable combination of the two types is supported.

o       All electrical Ethernet interfaces support 10/100/1000 Mbps, all optical Ethernet interfaces on the media modules support 100 or 1000 Mbit/s


The following approvals have been obtained:

·        c-UL-us

·        c-UL-us for Hazardous Locations

·        FM

·        ATEX95 Zone 2

·        C-Tick

·        CE

·        KC



2. Ordering data


Product Name

Order Number


6GK5 528-0AA00-2AR2

SCALANCE XR528-6M (rear cable exit)

6GK5 528-0AA00-2HR2

SCALANCE XR528-6M (L3 ins.)

6GK5 528-0AR00-2AR2

SCALANCE XR528-6M (L3 ins., rear cable exit)

6GK5 528-0AR00-2HR2


6GK5 552-0AA00-2AR2

SCALANCE XR552-12M (rear cable exit)

6GK5 552-0AA00-2HR2

SCALANCE XR552-12M (L3 ins.)

6GK5 552-0AR00-2AR2

SCALANCE XR552-12M (L3 ins., rear cable exit)

6GK5 552-0AR00-2HR2


6GK5 597-1AA00-8AA0


6GK5 597-2AA00-8AA0


6GK5 991-4AB00-8AA0


6GK5 991-4AC00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4GA00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4SA00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4RA00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4QA00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4AL00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4AM00-8AA0


6GK5 992-4AS00-8AA0


6GK5 993-1AT00-8AA0


6GK5 993-1AU00-8AA0


6GK5 598-1AA00-3AA0



3. Application

The SCALANCE X-500 is perfectly suited for use in industrial networks and for integration of the industrial network into an existing company network. The switch provides the linking of plant sections as well as distributed field devices from control level to management level and ensures high plant availability with far-reaching diagnostic options and high transmission rates. Thanks to the scalabillity of the basic unit and the optional layer 3 switching function, the network can be built for the specific application and adapted or expanded at any time.

The SCALANCE X-500 switch is suited for the design of electrical and optical Industrial Ethernet line, star or ring structures; it has four integrated SFP+ slots to be equipped with SFP+ plug-in transceivers (10 Gbps) or SFP plug-in transceivers (1000 Mbps), and up to 6 or 12 media module slots that can be equipped with either electrical and/or optical 4-port media modules. It can be used as Industrial Ethernet backbone switch with transmission rates up to 10 Gbps and as star distributor in the plant bus (redundant connection is possible).

The use of media modules or SFP+/SFP enables:

·        The expansion of networks by later installation of additional media modules in free module slots

·        Changing the cabling technique, e. g. switching from copper to fiber optic cable or from multi-mode to single-mode FO cable

·        Changing the transmission rate, e.g. from 1 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s

User benefits

·   Unlimited flexibility in case of network expansions (e. g. more end devices, higher transmission rate, PoE ports) or retrofitting (e. g. changing from copper to fiber optic cable) and reduction of inventory costs due to fully modular design with SFP+ or SFP plug-in transceivers and media modules

·   Retrofit of layer 3 switching functions (IP Routing) through licensing by means of KEY PLUG without replacing existing hardware. This function will be available for SCALANCE X-500 as from May 2013.
Layer-3 switching functions (IP Routing) integrated (without KEY PLUG). These options are available now.

·   Replacement of media modules and plug-in transceivers in running operation

·   High availability of the network due to

-    redundant voltage infeed

-    redundant layer 2 network structures based on FO cable or Twisted Pair, (STP/RSTP/MSTP integrated, Redundancy Manager, standby function as from May 2013)

-    redundant layer 3 network structures based on routing protocols OSPF (available) and RIP (05/2013) or VRRP router redundancy protocol.

-    simple device replacement through C-PLUG plug-in replacement medium

-    very fast reconfiguration of the network in case of an error

·   Support of IPv6 Routing as well as parallel operation (dual stack) of IPv4 and IPv6 networks will be available in a later version through software upgrade

·   High flexibility through variable installation options of the power supply unit and cable output either on front or back of device.

·   High availability of the fan due to its construction consisting of several individual fans and replacement of the fan during operation.


4. Other


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