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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 67793991, Entry date: 03/13/2013

Delivery Release for SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 and WinCC V7.2 ASIA

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SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 and SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 ASIA  are herewith released for delivery. SIMATIC WinCC V7.2  / WinCC V7.2 ASIA is an independent full-version product. SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 SP3  / WinCC V7.0 SP3 ASIA are still available for ordering.

Customers with a WinCC Software Update Service will receive the new version automatically.


1. Delivery release

2. Contents

3.Ordering data 

1. Delivery release  

In addition to the WinCC basic packages in the European version SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 and WinCC V7.2 ASIA, the following WinCC options are also released or have been tested for compatibility:

  • WinCC/Server V7.2
  • WinCC/Redundancy V7.2 
  • WinCC/User Archives V7.2
  • WinCC/Web Navigator V7.2
  • WinCC/DataMonitor V7.2
  • WinCC/Connectivity Pack V7.2
  • WinCC/Connectivity Station V7.2
  • WinCC/ODK V7.2(included IndustrialX)

A separate information bulletin will follow concerning the delivery release and compatibility tests of the following WinCC basic packages / options:

  • SIMATIC Information Server 2013
  • SIMATIC Process Historian 2013 for Windows 2008 R2 SP1 64 Bit Standard Version
  • WinCC/Audit V7.2 (not for WinCC V7.2 ASIA)
  • WinCC/CalendarScheduler
  • WinCC/EventNotifier
  • WinCC B.Data 
  • SIMATIC Maintenance Station 
  • SIMATIC WinCC IndustrialDataBridge
  • SIMATIC powerrate

Other versions of these options cannot run with SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 / WinCC V7.2 ASIA, or have not been tested for compatibility.

2. Contents

Compared to SIMATIC WinCC V7.0 SP3, the new SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 features the consolidation of all previous WinCC Updates, plus the following changes in the scope of functions:

2.1 Operating systems

WinCC V7.2 supports the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-Bit) for WinCC Single User / Client / Server
  • Windows 2003 Server SP2 Standard Edition (32-Bit) for WinCC Server / Single User / Client
  • Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 Standard Edition (32-Bit) for WinCC Server / Single User / Client
  • Windows 2008 Server SP2 (32-Bit) for WinCC Server / Single User / Client
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1 (64-Bit) for WinCC Server / Single User
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32-Bit / 64-Bit) Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate for WinCC Single User / Client / Server

Windows XP and Windows 7 SP1 permit a maximum of 3 client connections in the multi-user system configuration.

2.2 Migration

The following one-step migration is possible:

  • Version 6.2 SP3
  • Version 7.0 (w/o / with SP)

2.3 Expansion in the Graphics Designer

  • Know-how protection with password protection for PDL screens and screen blocks 

2.4 Unicode support

  • WinCC Setup in 9 languages
  • Text export in Unicode format possible 
  • Individual language selection for Engineering and Runtime, independent of the language settings in the operating system

2.5 Simplified configuration of the tag balance with the innovative WinCC Configuration Studio

  • Configuration options as used to from Excel
  • Simplified variables / structure variables management

2.6 New communication channels

  • Communication channel to new CPUs (S7-1200 / S7-1500) (only absolute address, no CPU alarming support)
  • Introduction of the OPC UA server (DA, HDA)

2.7 Extensions in the archive system

  • New archive aquisition (day, week and year)
  • New archiving method (difference)

... and more

  • Different colored columns in Alarm Control
  • Expansion of the server-server communication to up to 18 redundant servers
  • Additional new client licenses for WebNavigator (1, 5, 100 and 150)
  • New option SIMATIC Process Historian for the scalable historical archive
  • New option SIMATIC Information Server for the flexible reporting system

You will find more information about the new features of SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 / WinCC V7.2 ASIA in the document "What's New" on the product DVD.

3. Ordering data

WinCC 7.2 EU Version

WinCC_V72_LF_orderdata_ext.xls (42 KB) ( 42 KB )  

WinCC 7.2 ASIA Version 

WinCC_V72_LF_orderdata_ext_ASIA.xls (37 KB) ( 40 KB )

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