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"How can you collect the diagnostics and system information from a computer with WinAC RTX (F) installed?"

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You have three ways of gathering together diagnostics and system information for comprehensive error diagnostics of WinAC RTX:

  • System information of the WinAC RTX with "SysInfo"
    "SIMATIC WinAC System Information" automatically gathers system information about WinLC, MSinfo, Products, Components and ODK.
  • Diagnostics buffer of the WinAC RTX  with the WinAC Panel
    Using the WinAC Panel you can export the complete diagnostics buffer in a txt file.
  • Diagnostics and system information of the local PC
    The "SIMATIC Diagnostics Tool" (Entry ID: 65976201) enables you to gather together diagnostics and system information.

Using these programs you can save the information in txt files and use it for support purposes.

If the system is a SIMATIC IPC, you should also provide the following information to Support for faster processing of your request:

  • Order number
  • Serial number
  • Operating system
  • BIOS version
  • Installed software (original Siemens installation or customer-specific installation)

Using SysInfo (SIMATIC WinAC System Information)

No. Procedure
1 In the Windows Explorer you navigate to the installation path of WinAC RTX (standard installation path: "C:\Programs\Siemens\WINAC\WinLCRTX)
2 Start the "SysInfo.exe" program.
3 Click the "Start" button. The program automatically gathers together all the information in these categories: WinLC, MSinfo, Products, Components and ODK.
4 Click the "Save File" buttons to save the gathered information as a txt file.
Table 01

Reading out the diagnostics buffer with WinAC Panel

No. Procedure
1 Open the WinLC RTX Panel (standard installation path: as link on the desktop)
2 Navigate through the menu to "CPU - Diagnostics buffer"
3 Click the "Save" button to save the diagnostics buffer in a txt file.
Table 02

Using the SDT (SIMATIC Diagnostics Tool) see Entry ID 65976201

It is recommended to incorporate the gathered data (SIMATIC WinAC System Information, diagnostics buffer with WinAC Panel) in the SDT.

No. Procedure
1 Start the "SDTxxxx.exe" program.
2 Click the "Settings Manager" tab.
3 Click the "Options" tab.
4 Add the path where the information from "SysInfo" and "Diagnostics Buffer with WinAC Panel" is stored.
Table 03