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How do you download service packs and updates for full versions of COMOS / COMOS Walkinside / SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA)?

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You have the option of downloading full versions, service packs and updates for COMOS, COMOS Walkinside and SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator. Below we give a detailed description of how to proceed to utilize these services.

Requirements for downloading or ordering

You need a WebKey access to download the full versions, service packs or updates for COMOS / COMOS Walkinside / PAA . How to set up a WebKey access is described in detail in Entry 109474953 .


Download service packs or updates for full versions of COMOS / COMOS Walkinside / PAA 

  1. Once you have set up a WebKey access, you can download the data.
    For this you open this page: www.siemens.com/gtac.
  2. Click the "Download or Upload Files" button.

    Fig. 01
    If a Windows login dialog opens when you click the "Download and Upload Files" button, click the "Cancel" button.
  3. Log in with your WebKey access data.

    Fig. 02


  4. Click the "Download" tab.
    You get a display of all the products available to you via the GTAC portal. 
  5. Click the "COMOS" or "COMOS Walkinside" button.
    The associated full versions, service packs and updates are displayed in the selection area.

    PAA downloads can be found under COMOS.
  6. Select the required full version, service pack or update.

    You do this by selecting the relevant file (ZIP file) in the selection area and
    right-clicking to open the associated pop-up menu.

  7. Click the "Save target as..." entry.

    Fig. 03   

  8. The "Save As" dialog opens. 
    Select a storage location and click the "Save" button.

  9. Unpack the downloaded ZIP file.
    Now you can install the full version, the service pack or the update.


Order full versions or service packs of COMOS / COMOS Walkinside on DVD

If you have your Sold-To/Install ID, you can order full versions or service packs of COMOS / COMOS Walkinside on DVD:

Send an e-mail to the following address: dsom.plm@siemens.com

  • Designate the subject as follows: "Request Physical Delivery of COMOS Vx.x"
  • Specify your Sold-To/Install ID in the request.  

Further Information
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