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How can you set the time of an S7-300/400 controller from WinCC when SIMATIC powerrate and a "Named Connection" are being used?

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With SIMATIC powerrate time synchronization of the S7 controller is necessary because the time is used for the time stamp and synchronization of the measured values and messages.

Initial situation
You have established a connection between a SIMATIC S7-300/400 controller and WinCC and are using SIMATIC powerrate. There is then raw data communication BSEND/BRCV via "Named Connections".
When using SIMATIC powerrate you must always set the UTC time in the controllers.

When using SIMATIC powerrate in the SIMATIC WinCC environment, a difference must be made between using an S7-400 and an S7-300.

  • If SIMATIC powerrate is running on an S7-400, you have many options for synchronizing the time; the SIMATIC mode or NTP mode, for example.
  • If SIMATIC powerrate is running on an S7-300, you can use the NTP procedure via the integrated interface of the S7-700 for connecting with the WinCC station.
    The SIMATIC procedure is also possible with an S7-300. You have to use a CP for this.
Further information about time synchronization in the automation environment is available in Entry number 67852262.

Additional information is available in the SIMATIC HMI powerrate manual in the section entitled "Define Time Zone and Configure Time Synchronization".

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