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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 67856149, Entry date: 02/27/2013

Delivery Release for SIMATIC S7-1500 System Power Supplies

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The new SIMATIC S7-1500 system power supply modules are herewith released for delivery.


The System Power Supply modules (PS) of the SIMATIC S7-1500 product spectrum (67856445) boost the power on the backplane bus. They are required when the power supplied by the CPU or IM 155-5 to the backplane bus is no longer sufficient to feed all the connected modules, or if more than one power segment in the rack of the S7-1500 or ET 200MP (in the case of a distributed configuration) is to be implemented.  
The System Power Supply modules are screwed directly onto the S7-1500 mounting rail and connected to the adjacent module via a U-connector. For System Power Supply modules with 24 V DC input a corresponding load power supply (PM = Power Module) is recommended (67856268).


  • Different modules types available for different input voltages
  • Different output powers available depending on the module type
  • Power holdup
  • Galvanic isolation to the bus

The System Power Supply Modules support the following functions:

  • Firmware update
  • Identification and Maintenance data I&M0 to I&M3
  • Parameter change in RUN mode
  • Diagnostic messages
  • Diagnostic alarms


TIA Selection Tool:

A new version of the SIMATIC Selection Tool will become available featuring faster and simpler configuration, plus the generation of a parts list. As of March 2013 this tool will be available for free download from the following link:

Getting Started:

The system advantages and handling of the S7-1500 system are clearly described in a Getting Started brochure. The Getting Started is available as a PDF file. A computer animation shows how the hardware is mounted and wired, and also the configuration and programming process in the TIA-Portal.
The Getting Started will shortly be available for free download in English and German at:

Getting Started German

Getting Started English

Other languages are under preparation.


The documentation of the SIMATIC S7-1500 comes in a modular form. It consists of various documents which provide instructions, contain reference information or explain functions independently of the product.

The documentation comprises the following:

  • System manual S7-1500 automation system (includes information on the whole system)
  • Device manuals with the respective descriptions of the modules (IM, technology modules, I/O modules, …)
  • Topic-oriented function manuals (general assembly guidelines, analog value processing, etc.)

Support with the configuration and programming of SIMATIC S7-1500 is also provided by the information system in the TIA-Portal (online help system).


System Manuals


Entry ID

S7-1500 Automation System


ET 200MP Distributed I/O System



Function Manuals


Entry ID

Noise-immune design of controllers





Device Manuals


Entry ID

Power Supply Module 25W 24V DC


Power Supply Module 60W 24/48/60V DC


Power Supply Module 60W 120/230V AC/DC


More manuals for S7-1500 and the TIA-Portal are available on the Customer Support pages:


Ordering data: 


Order Number

Power Supply 25W 24V DC 6ES7 505-0KA00-0AB0
Power Supply 60W 24/48/60V DC 6ES7 505-0RA00-0AB0
Power Supply 60W 120/230V AC/DC 6ES7 507-0RA00-0AB0

Spare parts:


Order Number

Connector for power supply module (PS) and load power supply modules (PM), 10 pcs. 6ES7 590-8AA00-0AA0


More information is available at the following links: 

Internet website for SIMATIC S7-1500 with general information:

Internet website for SIMATIC ET 200MP with general information:

TIA-Portal V12.0
See delivery release 67851956

Siehe Lieferfreigabe 67856446

ET 200MP
See delivery release 67885422

Technology Modules
See delivery release 67794354

Point-to-Point Communication Modules
See delivery release 67763217

Fieldbus Communication Modules
See delivery release 68015767

Load Power Supplies
See delivery release 67856268


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