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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 67885466, Entry date: 02/22/2013

Delivery release: Powermanager System 2

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The Powermanager System packages offer cost-effective starter solutions for power management systems. At the same time, the package is a perfect base for future extensions by additional PAC devices and/or more powerful powermanager set-ups.

Powermanager System 2 consists of powermanager V 3.0 (Basic), one 7KM PAC4200 und 7KT PAC1500 device each and the required modules Modbus RTU for communication.

Product description:
The system consists of
- powermanager V3.0 Basic (3ZS2 711-0CC30-0YA0)
- 7KM PAC4200 (7KM4212-0BA00-3AA0)
- 7KT PAC1500 (7KT1540)
- 7KM PAC RS485 (7KM9300-0AM00-0AA0)
- 7KT PAC RS485 (7KT1907)

Additional Informations:
See powermanager, 7KM PAC and 7KT PAC.

Other content:
Powermanager System 2 was designed for building applications.
Nevertheless it can be applied also for all other purposes.