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Creating Faceplates with WinCC Runtime Advanced and Comfort Panels

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Useful information on the topic of “HMI faceplates” and how to use HMI faceplates as a user.

In serial machine construction, functions such as drive on/off, switchover automatic/manual mode etc. are frequently used. These functions generally only need to be adjusted to the respective machine and its control tags. Using preprogrammed objects reduces engineering times and costs.

Learn the basics for creating faceplates and use their advantages for their configuration. Using this document helps you generate your own faceplates independently. The application gives several examples with step-by-step instructions for creating a faceplate.
The created examples are stored in the enclosed HMI configuration.

This application example on hand offers you the following advantages:

  • The basics, functions and properties of faceplates are described.
  • The step-by-step instruction for creating a faceplate and the practical application examples reduce the familiarization time.
  • Faceplates increase the efficiency.
    Storing the faceplate in a library enables calling and using them easily in different projects.
  • Avoiding errors through a simple connection to the STEP 7 control program.

Documentation and example project
 Getting Started for HMI faceplates (636,9 KB)
  Basics on HMI faceplates (2,8 MB)
 Application examples for HMI faceplates (2,4 MB)
 Example project (9,2 MB)

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