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SINAMICS Startdrive

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You can find the latest Startdrive version here.

SINAMICS Startdrive V14 SP1 can be ordered on DVD (6SL3072-4EA02-0XA0). 

SINAMICS Startdrive V14 SP1

OSS note on SINAMICS Startdrive V14 SP1

Third-party software - license conditions and copyright notes
You can find the copyright notes on the third-party software, especially Open Source Software, as well as applicable license conditions for this type of third-party software in the following file:

 Registrierung notwendig  Readme_OSS_All_Languages.htm (1,5 MB)

Special note for resellers
The information and the license conditions in the ReadMe_OSS.htm file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

OSS Source Code
The source code files are part of the download package and can be downloaded here separately:

 Registrierung notwendig  OpenSourceSoftware_SDR_G120_V14SP1.zip (723,3 KB)

Only one download package is available for Startdrive V14 SP1. The subdivision into two separate download packages for “Option package for STEP 7“ and “Startdrive Standalone“ is no longer necessary. Startdrive V14 SP1 suppprts both installation variants.

Here you can find the Startdrive commissioning tool for the SINAMICS G120 drive Family.

SINAMICS Startdrive V14 SP1

SINAMICS Startdrive V14 SP1

Associated sales information you can find here: 109746259 

 Registrierung notwendig  Startdrive_V14_SP1.zip (2,3 GB)

SHA-256 checksum


SINAMICS Startdrive V14 SP1 Update 1

Associated sales information you can find here 109746504 

 Registrierung notwendig  Startdrive_V14_SP1_Update_1.zip (1,5 GB)



Use of SINAMICS Startdrive is free of charge and does not require a license key to be entered.

Startdrive supports the languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese (simplified).

How to install Startdrive V14 SP1:

  1. Download the attached ZIP file
  2. Unpack the ZIP file into a target directory on your hard disk. Pleae make sure that no spaces are contained in the entire path name of this target directory.
  3. Launch Startdrive using Start.exe.

Download of previous versions

Startdrive V14: 109746466

Startdrive V13 SP2 and V13 SP1: 109741912 

Startdrive V13: 109741878

Startdrive V12 SP1: 109741895 

Notes regarding the download

Because of the security settings, the download may be classified as a security risk as shown in the screenshot.
In order to avoid problems after the installation, ZIP files must be classified as safe after the download by
right-clicking > Properties > "Allow" button.

Additional search terms
FB284, FB285, FB286, blocks, SINA_POS, SINA_SPEED, SINA_PARA