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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 68109071, Entry date: 05/14/2013

SINAMICS G: Positioning a G120 CU250S-2 with S7-300/400 (STEP 7 V5) via PROFINET/PROFIBUS using Safety Integrated (via PROFIsafe) and HMI

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A drive - SINAMICS G120 CU250S-2 - with basic positioner and extended safety functions should be controlled via PROFIBUS from a SIMATIC S7 300/400. This application example shows how you configure the SINAMICS G120 and the S7 300/400, how the system is commissioned and process data and parameters accessed.

The application example shows, as an example, the connection of a SINAMICS G120 CU250S-2 to a SIMATIC S7-300/400 in STEP 7 V5. The basic positioner is controlled via the PROFIBUS fieldbus. Function block FB 283 is used in this function example. FB 283 controls the cyclic communication and provides various types of acyclic tasks. This also includes a function to read and write traversing blocks, but also a user-friendly way of changing and reading any parameters. For a better overview and increased flexibility, user-specific data types (User Defined Types / UDTs) are used to arrange a large quantity of data and keep it transparent. The extended safety functions are selected via PROFIsafe. If the safety functions of the CU250S-2 are not used, then the appropriate steps in these instructions can be skipped.


Brief documentation of project sample 68109071_SINAMICS_G_CU250S-2_at_S7-300400_SHORT-DOKU_v10_EN.pdf ( 575 KB )
Documentation 68109071_SINAMICS_G_CU250S-2_DP_at_S7-300400_v10_EN.pdf ( 2235 KB ) 68109071_SINAMICS_G_CU250S-2_PN_at_S7-300400_v10_EN.pdf ( 2209 KB )
Code STEP 7 FB283 S7-317-F_CU250S-2DP_FB283.zip ( 5791 KB ) S7-317-F_CU250S-2PN_FB283.zip ( 1058 KB )
Code STEP 7 FB283 Safety S7-317-F_CU250S-2DP_FB283_Safety.zip ( 5870 KB ) S7-317-F_CU250S-2PN_FB283_Safety.zip ( 5831 KB )

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