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Download of the HARDNET-PB DP Development Kit (DK-5613) V4.0

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Download of the HARDNET-PB DP Development Kit (DK-5613) V4.0


Version 4.0 of the HARDNET PROFIBUS DP Development Kit (previously DK-5613) is now available for free download from our Product Support.


The Development Kit provides a simple means to integrate the HARDNET PROFIBUS modules into any non-Windows operating system environment.

The kit contains the necessary source code, including the descriptions in PDF format, for this purpose.


Version 4.0 now supports all current and older HARDNET PROFIBUS modules.

·        For systems with PCI-104 slot:
CP 5603

·        For systems with PCI slot:
CP 5613 A3 (predecessor: CP 5613 A2, CP 5613, CP 5613 FO)
CP 5614 A3 (predecessor: CP 5614 A2, CP 5614, CP 5614 FO)

·        For systems with PCI Express slot:
CP 5623
CP 5624


Drivers for Windows operating systems are already included in the scope of delivery of the CPs, downloading the Development Kit is thus not necessary for Windows users.



DK-5613_V40.zip ( 21750 KB )