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Building Automation: House Control with LOGO! 8 and Weather Sensors (LOGO! Set 11)

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With LOGO! 8, data can be exchanged between several LOGO! modules via network communicaiton. In the application, a weather station is connected to an existing house automation with a LOGO! 8 and a Touch Panel. Depending in the weather data, various house functions are controlled automatically and weather warnings are generated.

The task is to be able to control the functions of a building depending on the weather conditions (sunlight, rain, wind, dusk/dawn, and temperature). A control panel shall be used to display and monitor the weather conditions and the house function status. This shall be achieved with the expansion of an existing house automation system by an additional controller.
The following functions shall be controlled automatically:

  • Blinds
  • Roof hatch
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Heater
  • Garden watering

This LOGO! Set 11 expands the house control of LOGO! Set 9/10 by a weather station with Touch Panel. This expansion is achieved with a LOGO! 8 controller with network communcation. This application example can also be controlled without a touch panel with the PC using the WinCC simulation.

Figure 2


The automation solution fulfills the following operating requirements:

  • Automatic control of the house functions depending on the weather conditions
  • Weather data and house control monitoring via Touch Panel
  • Connection of further house control areas and functionalities to the weather station
  • Weather station can be used separately, if required
  • Display of color-coded weather warning messages

This application offers you the following advantages:

  • Easy expansion of a LOGO! controller (LOGO! 8) with network communication
  • User-friendly monitoring of the weather conditions with LOGO! 8 and weather sensors
  • Optional separate use of the weather station
  • Individual settings for each of the blinds also in automatic mode
  • Additional option to control the functionalities of the application on the PC with the WinCC simulation

This application offers you the following advantages:

  • Optional decentralized expansion of an existing LOGO! house control (LOGO! 8)
  • Increase of living comfort and prevention of damage by weather-dependent functions
  • Cost reduction through efficient room temperature with internal and external temperature comparison
  • Time saved due to reduced wiring work
  • Transparency and a good overview thanks to display of the weather conditions and house status on a Touch Panel
  • Planning reliability thanks to pre-tested configuration
  • Avoiding failures with a tested code and step-by-step instruction.


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