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SINAMICS S120 Firmware Version 4.6 HF22

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Here you can find the SINAMICS S120 Firmware Version 4.6 HF22.


The version designation on the memory card (CF) is SINAMICS S120 V04.06.00.22.
The internal firmware version number is SINAMICS S120 V04.60.21.48.

When upgrading your system, please read the firmware update instructions.


Restrictions for SINAMICS S120
  SINAMICS_S120_V4_6_Restrictions.pdf (57,8 KB)


Functional restrictions for SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 and CU310-2 which have been corrected
  Corrected_functional_restrictions_S120_V4_6_HF22.pdf (38,4 KB)


Firmware update instructions regarding SINAMICS S120 CU320-2 and CU310-2
When upgrading, please read the instructions regarding the firmware update:
  Instructions_Firmware_Update_S120.pdf (1,2 MB)


SINAMICS S120 firmware version 4.6 HF22 for CU320-2 and CU310-2

The following software can be downloaded:

The software is subject to export restrictions.
The download is only available to registered users.

Due to export regulations a download is only possible within the EU.

Alternatively you can use a new memory card (CF) with the following order number for upgrading:

  • without performance extension:
    Order no. 6SL3054-0EG00-1BA0
  • with firmware option performance extension:
    Order no. 6SL3054-0EG01-1BA0


Faults and warning lists
"Alarmlist_*.xml" files are not required to properly operate the firmware and related STARTER. They only contain a text extract of the S120 "alarm messages" in "xml" format (this format ensures that the text is displayed correctly independently of worldwidediffering  fonts and can thus be correctly converted into other formats).
In some cases, this text extract is required by customers who wish to further use it in their applications resp. integrate it in external units. For this reason, we cannot provide any further support for the S120.

  alarmlist_s_v04601800_chs.xml (2,6 MB)
  alarmlist_s_v04601800_eng.xml (2,7 MB)
  alarmlist_s_v04601800_esp.xml (2,8 MB)
  alarmlist_s_v04601800_fra.xml (2,9 MB)
  alarmlist_s_v04601800_ita.xml (2,9 MB)
  alarmlist_s_v04602000_deu.xml (2,8 MB)

GSD-files for usage in PROFIBUS configuration tools
The PROFIBUS GSD files are stored on the SINAMICS S120 Compact Flash Card under the following path: 

Alternatively the files can be downloaded: (see 49216293)

GSDML-files for usage in PROFINET configuration tools
The PROFINET GSDML files are stored on the SINAMICS S120 Compact Flash Card under the following path: 

Alternatively the files can be downloaded: (see 49217480)

EDS-files for usage in CANopen configuration tools
see 48351511

STARTER Version ≥ 4.3 SP2 is required for this Firmware Version (see 64374921)

DCC (Drive Control Chart)
see 67826366


Security information
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