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WinCC-WinAC (ISA) communications with networked platforms

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How can I set up a communication between a "WinAC Slot PLC (ISA)" and WinCC, when the two applications are installed on different computers?

You have one computer on which WinCC is installed and another in which your "WinAC Slot PLC (ISA)" is located. Both computers are linked by an Ethernet network with TCP/IP protocol. Proceed as follows to configure communications between the two applications:

Network settings and access points

  1. First determine the network settings (IP address and subnetwork mask) for the computer with "WinAC Slot PLC (ISA)".
  2. Via the "MS-DOS Command Prompt" start the command "ipconfig /all"

  1. Via "Start > Settings > Control Panel" open the tool "Set PG/PC Interface".
  2. Set the access point on both computers to your TCP/IP interface card.

The addresses given in this FAQ (IP, Rack no. etc) are only example and cannot be used in practice. You must adapt these values to suit your configuration.

Configuring the WinCC station

  1. Create a new WinCC project.
  2. In the Tag Manager you enter the channel driver for the "SIMATIC S7 Protocol Suite". For this select the Tag Manager and then right-click. In the menu that opens you then select the option "Add new driver…". In the next window that opens you select the file "SIMATIC S7 Protocol Suite.CHN". You thus obtain a TCP/IP communications channel.
  3. Select the TCP/IP channel and right-click. In the window that opens you select the option "System Parameters". Switch to the "Unit" tab and under "Select logical device name" you enter the name of your interface parameterization.

  1. Now you create a connection for this channel ("Right-click > New Connection") and open its Properties.
  2. Here you enter the IP address of your WinAC Slot CPU. Enter 0 for "Rack Number" and 3 for "Slot Number".

  1. Now you can create your tags and connect the appropriate memory areas on the CPU (e.g. markers). Your WinCC configuration then looks similar to the one in the figure and is thus completed.

Configuring the "WinAC Slot PLC (ISA)"

  1. Open the SIMATIC Manager and create a new project.
  2. Add a "SIMATIC 400" station and open the HW Config.
  3. Add a WinAC Slot CPU to your configuration from the catalog and connect WinAC with a DP master system if available.
    When you add the WinAC Slot CPU, a module rack is add automatically.
  4. Insert a "TCP/IP Connection" in slot 9 and open its Properties.

  1. Now click the "Properties" button in the "Interface" field.
  2. Specify the IP address and subnetwork mask of the computer with the "WinAC Slot PLC (ISA)" and add an "Ethernet(1)" subnetwork ("New…" button).

  1. Complete your entries with "OK", save your hardware configuration and load it into your "WinAC Slot PLC (ISA)".
  2. Then via "Start > SIMATIC > PC Based Control > CPU 41x PCI Router Configuration" you must start the router in the "General" tab.

This completes configuration of the communications and you can now visualize your WinAC values on the WinCC station.

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