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New: WinAC RTX V3.0 PLC Real-Time Software

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WinAC RTX further strengthens our "PC-based Automation" product family, which by now includes four WinAC products. WinAC RTX aims at real-time applications. Selected components ensure deterministic processing of the PLC program ( jitter-free / real-time) and robust operation.

The scope of supply of WinAC RTX includes:

  • Real-time subsystem for Windows NT
  • SIMATIC S7 Soft PLC (WinAC)
  • WinAC Computing (OPC/ActiveX/VISUTool)
  • ServicePack 6 for WindowsNT4.0

Basic functionality

WinAC Basic is capable of achieving excellent PLC program cycle times, but cannot keep the cycle time constant under every PC system load.

WinAC RTX, on the other hand, guarantees constant cycle times independently of other PC applications running in parallel under WindowsNT.

WinAC RTX can be defined as follows:

"WinAC RTX = WinAC Basic + Deterministics + robust operation"

Selected automation components are used to achieve deterministic and robust operation.

The most important components are:

  • Real-time subsystem for WindowsNT
  • PROFIBUS master Fieldbus card (CP 5613, not included)
  • Operations block that signals an NT stop event to the user program


WinAC RTX runs under a Real Time eXtension (RTX) for the WindowsNT 4.0, SP6 operating system. The product is licensed from VenturCom, Inc.(see also: www.vci.com). The RT subsystem runs in parallel with WindowsNT on the same PC and is invisible to the user.

In contrast to WinAC Basic where soft PLC and Fieldbus are controlled by WindowsNT, the soft PLC and the Fieldbus are here controlled by the parallel running RTX sub-system. All other components remain under WindowsNT, as before.

Deterministic processing is a basic precondition for many technological tasks, such as closed-loop control, counting or positioning. PLC program cycle variations are kept at a low level, typically below 1ms.

During the installation of WinAC RTX , WindowsNT 4.0 will be expanded automatically by the RTX sub system. Windows NT 4.0, SP6 must have been installed beforehand and is included in the scope of supply (WindowsNT4.0 is not included in the scope of supply !).

If the RTX sub-system is expanded by other means (possibly by WinAC RTX ODK, or SDK from VenturCom) the effects on stability and jitter response should be checked.

Robust operation (Host Operating System Failure)

The RT subsystem takes control of the soft PLC and of PROFIBUS. At the same time a more robust operation is achieved in comparison with the NT operating system. A stop event of the NT operating system (Host Operating System Failure) will in this case no longer cause a mandatory WinAC system stop.

This means that the user can now decide (via OB84) how the soft PLC should respond if a "HOSF" occurs. This can be:

  • ...immediate STOP
  • ...controlled shutdown of the process
  • ... or continue

PROFIBUS connection via CP 5613

A fieldbus connection requires a CP 5613 (PCI). The CP 5613 is an intelligent PROFIBUS master card in PCI format, with own on-board CPU.
A PROFIBUS string permits the operation of I/Os and standard slaves.

The following intelligent slaves can be used at present:

  • CP340
  • FM350

The scope of supply of WinAC RTX includes the necessary RTX driver for the CP 5613. It is installed automatically.


1) The CP 5613 is not included in the scope of supply and must be ordered separately.
2) No K-bus FMs on a PB line

WinAC Computing

No change compared to WinAC Basic!

  • Active and passive ActiveX Controls
  • Visualization tool (soft container)
  • OPC Server

Programming, configuration and diagnostics


In addition to STEP7, all S7 engineering tools acc. to IEC1131 can be used for WinAC RTX. The tools can be installed on the same PC as WinAC RTX. Access is assured via internal interfaces.


as for 2a), via a separate interface in each case (MPI / CP5611 / CP1613 / 3COM+SoftNet).

Not via S7-Teleservice and not via CP5613 (PROFIBUS line)

Connection of operator panels and touch panels

OPs and TPs can be operated on the PC together with WinAC RTX via an additional PC interface card (MPI/CP5611). The number of possible OPs/TPs (active S7 parties) depends on the card chosen.

  • MPI/DP, CP 5611 = up to 4 (SoftNet)
No OPs/TPs can be operated on a PROFIBUS line (CP5613) (see point 1c).

Difference between WinAC RTX and WinAC Basic V3.0

  • Operating system
    Windows NT4.0, SP6 + RT subsystem (deterministic and robust)
  • PROFIBUS connection
    CP 5613
  • PG connection
    via MPI/DP (not on PROFIBUS line)
  • OP/TP connection
    via MPI/DP (not on PROFIBUS line)

Ordering data:

WinAC RTX V3.0


Order No. (MLFB)

WinAC RTX V3.0
- RTX sub-system
- RTX driver for CP5613
- SIMATIC Computing
- SP6 for Windows NT 4.0
- Electr. documentation (German, Engl., French)


Accessories (not included in the scope of supply)

CP5613 (PCI)


Printed manuals will not be made available! The reason for this measure is a strong reduction in the demand for printed manuals. The manuals are always included with the product in electronic form and can also be downloaded from our Customer Support!

System preconditions

When WinAC RTX is installed, WindowsNT 4.0, is expanded automatically by the RT system. Windows NT 4.0, SP6 must be installed beforehand (WindowsNT is not included in the scope of supply, but the SP6 is).

  • Pentium PC, 200MHz or better
  • 64Mbyte main memory, or better
  • Windows-NT 4.0, SP6
  • Hard disk requirements: 30Mbytes


S7 Send/Receive functions

WinAC Computing can be used to communicate with other WinAC stations and S7 CPUs. WinAC RTX V3.0 does not support S7/S7 Send/Receive communications services and in contrast to an S7-300/400 /WinAC Slot4xx cannot use the "CPU-/CPU communication" (planed for a later version).

SIMATIC IPC on-board MPI/DP interface

The integrated MPI/DP interface of the A&D IPCs, or of the CP5611/CP551, cannot be used as Fieldbus master for the PROFIBUS DP.

Operation of a number of CPs5613 in one PC

With WinAC RTX V3.0, only one CP 5613 can be operated in the same PC. This CP 5613 is used exclusively for the distributed I/Os. PGs or OPs cannot be connected.

Operation of FM351 and FM352

Contrary to information in the Sales Release, the FM351 and FM352 cannot be used together with WinAC RTX V3.0.

Restrictions with certain PC platforms

The installation of WinAC RTX V3.0 or the real-time subsystem on which it is based is not possible on some PC platforms. The reason is a modification of WindowsNT by some manufacturers.

At present, the following non-matching PCs are known to us:

  • Compaq AP400,
  • Dell 7000 portables,
  • HP Kayak,
  • Alpha systems
Current information about installation problems is available from the following Internet address: http://www.vci.com/download/rtx/RTX_4.3.2.1_Release_Notes.pdf
The restrictions concerning the operation of WinAC RTX V3.0 with the Panel PC 670 and ProTool/Pro have been lifted.

Windows 2000

The Windows2000 operating system is not supported (planned for a later version).

Form of supply

WinAC RTX V3.0 is supplied on a CD ROM together with an authorization diskette with licenses for WinAC RTX, RT Subsystem, CP 5613.

  • WinAC Basic cannot be upgraded to WinAC RTX.
  • WinAC RTX cannot be upgraded to WinAC Basic.

The User Manuals in German, English and French are contained on the CD ROM in electronic form.

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