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What is the difference between "normal routing" and data record routing?

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You can send data to field devices over PROFIBUS from an Engineering Station that is connected to PROFINET. The field devices themselves do not have to support data record routing, because these devices do not forward the information content.

The data sent with data record routing includes the parameter assignment of the field devices participating (DP slaves) and also device-specific information (setpoint values and limit values, for example). In data record routing, the structure of the target address depends on the data content, that is to say on the DP slave for which the data is destined.

With the PG you can use data record routing to read and edit a parameter record already on the field device and send it to the field device if the PG/PC is already assigned as target slave to another subnet.

Data record routing is used, for example, when field devices of different manufacturers are operating in one network. The field devices are addressed for parameterization and diagnostics over standardized data records (PROFIBUS standard). Using a data record gateway, an Engineering Station with SIMATIC PDM can reach field devices several subnets away.

Support of data record routing
Data record routing is supported by SIMATIC PDM which must be installed on the Engineering Station.
Furthermore, there are applications in which STEP 7 automatically executes data record routing.

An Engineering System is connected to the PROFINET subnet and calls special PROFIBUS data records from a PROFIBUS DP slave. The PROFINET/PROFIBUS gateways are set automatically by STEP 7 in the "Go online" dialog.

The following S7-1500 CPUs support data record routing:

CPU Version
CPU 1510SP-1 PN V1.6
CPU 1510SP F-1 PN V1.7
CPU 1512SP-1 PN V1.6
CPU 1512SP F-1 PN V1.7
CPU 1511-1 PN V1.0
CPU 1511F-1 PN V1.7
CPU 1513-1 PN V1.0
CPU 1513F-1 PN V1.7
CPU 1515-2 PN V1.5
CPU 1515F-2 PN V1.6
CPU 1516-3 PN/DP V1.0
CPU 1516F-3 PN/DP V1.5
CPU 1517-3 PN/DP V1.6
CPU 1517F-3 PN/DP V1.6
CPU 1518-4 PN/DP V1.5
CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP V1.5
Table 01

The following S7-300 CPUs and components of distributed IO devices support data record routing:

CPU Version
CPU 313C-2 DP V3.3
CPU 314C-2 DP V3.3
CPU 314C-2 PN/DP V3.3
CPU 315-2 DP V3.0
CPU 315F-2 DP V3.0
CPU 315-2 PN/DP V3.1
CPU 315F-2 PN/DP V3.1
CPU 317-2 DP V3.3
CPU 317F-2 DP V3.3
CPU 317-2 PN/DP V3.1
CPU 317F-2 PN/DP V3.1
CPU 319-3 PN/DP V2.7
CPU 319F-3 PN/DP V2.7
IM154-8 PN/DP CPU V3.2
IM154-8F PN/DP CPU V3.2
IM154-8FX PN/DP CPU V3.2
IM151-8 PN/DP CPU V2.7
IM151-8F PN/DP CPU V2.7
Table 02

S7-400 CPUs firmware version V5.1 onwards support data record routing.

CPU Version
CPU 410-5H V8.1
CPU 412-1 V5.1
CPU 412-2 DP V5.1
CPU 412-2 PN V6.0
CPU 414-2 DP V5.1
CPU 414-3 DP V5.1
CPU 414-3 PN/DP V5.1
CPU 414F-3 PN/DP V6.0
CPU 416-2 DP V5.1
CPU 416-3 DP V5.1
CPU 416F-3 DP V5.1
CPU 416-3 PN/DP V5.1
CPU 416F-3 PN/DP V5.1
CPU 417-4 V5.1
CPU 412-5H PN/DP V6.0
CPU 414-5H PN/DP V6.0
CPU 416-5H PN/DP V6.0
CPU 417-5H PN/DP V6.0
Table 03

The WinAC RTX supports data record routing with the following communication processors (CPs):

CP Version
CP5611 2010
CP5603 2010 Update 1
CP5613 2010 Update 1
CP5623 2010 Update 1
Table 04

The following communications processors (CPs) support data record routing:

CP Order number Version
CP443-5 Extended 6GK7443-5DX02-0XE0 V3.0
CP443-5 Extended 6GK7443-5DX03-0XE0 V4.0
CP443-5 Extended 6GK7443-5DX04-0XE0 V6.0
CP443-5 Extended 6GK7443-5DX05-0XE0 V7.0
CM1542-5 6GK7542-5DX00-0XE0 V1.0
Table 05

The following gateways support data record routing:

CPU Order number
IE/PB Link 6GK1411-5AA00
IE/PB Link 6GK1411-5AB00
IWLAN/PB Link 6GK1417-5AB00
IWLAN/PB Link 6GK1417-5AB01
Table 06  

Further Information
Refer to the manuals of the CPUs to see whether or not the data record routing function is supported. The manuals of the above-mentioned CPUs, gateways and CPs are available in the following Entry IDs:

Manual Entry ID
SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 31xC and CPU 31x:
Technical data
SIMATIC S7-400 Automation System
S7-400 CPU Specifications
IM 154-8 PN/DP CPU (ET 200pro) 44251850
IM 151-8 PN/DP CPU (ET 200S) 47409312
IE/PB Link 19299692
IWLAN/PB Link 41297182
SIMATIC S7-1500 Automation System 59191792
SIMATIC S7-1500, ET 200MP, ET 200SP Communication 59192925
Table 07

More information about data record routing is available in our Entry IDs 19257092 and 7808062.


  • Use the "S7 Routing" function for transferring data beyond network boundaries. In this case you can send data from a sender to a receiver over various networks. More information about the "S7 Routing" function is available in Entry ID 584459.
  • Data record routing by means of the backplane bus is not supported for an I slave. The data for these modules cannot be routed over the backplane bus.

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