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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 70989159, Entry date: 04/11/2014

SINUMERIK 840D, 840D sl: HUBITRON HBG 800 DP wireless handwheel

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Task & Solution
The application describes the connection of the HUBITRON HBG 800-DP and HBG 800-DP FS wireless handwheels to a SINUMERIK 840D sl, as well as their operation.
Because this application can be used for both handwheel types as well as the SINUMERIK 840D sl, 840D, 840Di sl and 840Di controller types, only the HBG 800-DP and SINUMERIK 840D sl types are mentioned in the subsequent description.
In the application example, the HBG 800-DP emulates partially the buttons on the MCP310/MCP483 machine control panel (MCP).
The assigned buttons of the HBG 800-DP front foil supplied from HUBITRON are supported in the application. The free foil buttons are used as follows:

  • Button 4 selects axis 4
  • Button 16 selects axis 5 and further axes
  • Button 8 is assigned for the channel selection
  • Button 15 switches between the workpiece-related and the machine-related position display
  • Button 14 switches between the workpiece- and the machine-coordinate system

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