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Latest BIOS for the PG 720 Pentium V4.08

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Is there a recent BIOS update for the PG 720 Pentium?


Attached is the latest BIOS V4.08 for the programming device PG 720. This replaces version V4.07. Now with this update hard disks with more than 8.4 Gbytes are supported. The upper limit is now 128 Gbytes.

Make sure to note the following points when installing the update:

  • Make sure that the power supply will not be cut off.
  • Under no circumstances whatsoever should you switch off the device during the update process.

Please proceed as follows for the update:

  1. Make sure that the external power supply is connected. The update cannot be made if the programming device is working in battery mode.
  2. Create a bootable system floppy disk with the command "FORMAT A: /S/Q/U".
  3. Call the "720pv408.exe" file at the MS-DOS level and copy the unpacked files to the system floppy disk created in point 2.
  4. Boot the programming device from this disk. The BIOS is then transferred automatically.
  5. After transfer you are prompted to restart. Remove the floppy disk from the drive for this.
  6. Press F2 to activate the setup. Load the Setup default values once and check your parameters.

 720pv408.exe ( 150 KB )

Version update

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