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How can you store process tags (process values) in the CSV format in a Text or ASCII file?

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Use Global Script to incorporate the following script as project function and trigger it via a button, for example, or action.

void Tag_Prot()
#include <apdefap.h>
// File name for tag log
char FileName[255]="E:\\WCCPRJ30\\Project\\";

// File pointer
FILE *stream;

// Buffer for process tag
WORD Tag_1;

// Reading in of the file name by text tag "Filename_Prot"
// This name can be provided, for example, by manual input in an I/O field.
strcat(FileName, GetTagChar("Filename_Prot")); //Return type: char*

// Create/open the output file in which logging is to be done.
stream = fopen( FileName, "w" );

// Reading in the of the process tag
//Return type: WORD
Tag_1 = GetTagWord("DB80DW1");

// Test output in a Global Script diagnostics window
printf("Content file name: %s\r\n", FileName);

// Output of the tag value into a file
fprintf( stream, "Value of the tag DB80DW1, %d\r\n", Tag_1 );

//Close file
fclose( stream );


Information on how to read/write strings from/to a text file is available in FAQ 850338.

Archive, Log, fopen, fclose, fprintf

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