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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 71714278, Entry date: 04/25/2013

Confirmation: Equality of structure MCCB 3VL25*/3VL35*

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The enclosed document confirms that the structure of MCCB 3VL25* and 3VL35* is equal to the structure of the old MCCB 3VL21*/3VL31*.

The enclosed document confirms that: - 3VL25* are identical in construction to 3VL21* - 3VL35* are identical in construction to 3VL31* - electrical data of 3VL25*/3VL35* have been changed as follows: * 3VL25*/3VL35* circuit breakers are not suitable for 600V networks (Delta) * 3VL25*/3VL35* circuit breakers are suitable for 600/347V (Wye) but have a reduced switching capability of 18 kA for all three switching capacity classes N, H and L compared to the precursor 3VL21*/3VL31*

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 Bescheinigung_Baugleichheit-Confirmation_equality_of_structure_3VL25-3VL35.pdf ( 76 KB )
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