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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 71878146, Entry date: 05/07/2013

Release for sale and delivery of the Drives software version V4.6 HF3 for SINAMICS G130, SINAMICS G150 and SINAMICS S150

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The SINAMICS Drives software version V04.06.00.03 has been released for delivery for the SINAMICS G130, G150 and S150 devices.

The SINAMICS Drives software version V04.06.00.03 has been released for delivery for the SINAMICS G130, G150 and S150 devices. SINAMICS S120 has been separately released for sale and delivery with entry ID 67385242.
The changeover of cabinet unit production for G150, S120CM and S150 in the Nuremberg plant will be implemented starting April 30, 2013. After this, new orders will be called with Drives SW Version V4.6.
Existing orders will be produced with V4.5.

Components involved

  •  CompactFlash Card with SINAMICS G130 Drives software version V04.06.00.03
    Order No. 6SL3054-3EG00-1BA0
  • CompactFlash Card with SINAMICS G150 Drives software version V04.06.00.03
    Order No. 6SL3054-1EG00-1BA0
  • CompactFlash Card with SINAMICS S150 Drives software version V04.06.00.03
    Order No. 6SL3054-2EG00-1BA0

The internal version designation is V04.60.21.06

Interdependencies to other products

The SIMOTICS FD motor series is supported with special pulse patterns.
With this version, a 2GB CF card will be introduced into production.
STARTER version V4.3.2 is required for operator control and commissioning.
The Starter software can be ordered under Order No. 6SL3072-0AA00-0AG0 as DVD.
STARTER V4.3.2 has already been released for delivery. See entry ID 64374921
Alternatively, STARTER version V4.3.1 can be used with SSP SINAMICS V4.6.

SINAMICS SSP is provided as ProdIS download.
DCC-SINAMICS V2.2.1 (see entry ID 67826366) can be ordered as DVD including the associated engineering license (USB stick)
DCC-SINAMICS comprises a graphic engineering tool (DCC editor), a block library (DBC library), and is installed in addition to the STARTER commissioning tool. The engineering license is only valid for one PC (floating). 

Expanded functionality
SINAMICS SW version V04.06.00.03 includes the following functions:

Extended Safety Functions with 2 HTL/TTL encoders

  • Longer encoder cables (with HTL bipolar, up to 300m)
  • Extended Safety Functions also available for G130 and G150
    -Safety license F01 for G130 CF card or K01 as G150 cabinet license
    - Two SMC30 sensor modules to connect to the encoder (options K50 and K52)
    - Control via ProfiSafe or TM54F (option K87)  

SINAMICS web server 

  • Simple diagnostics using a PC and standard browser without additional software
  • Remote maintenance can be simply implemented
  • Projects and firmware can be downloaded
  • All parameters can be accessed, reading and/or writing
  • Protection against unauthorized access

Compatibility and operational reliability/safety

  • STARTER SSP also included on the CF card
  • Backup partition is automatically generated (only with 2GB CF card)

Essential service mode for G130 and G150

  • Same standard function as the G120
  • Defined faults are suppressed in order to guarantee interruption-free operation
  • Automatic restart after a fault
    More detailed information and general conditions are described in the operating instructions. 

Faster flying restart for induction motors without using an encoder

  • Significantly faster search operation and therefore faster restart

 Bandstop filter for ALM

  • Allows individual harmonics to be dampened (attenuated) on the line side

 Reduced rotating measurement

  • Faster measurement results when commissioning the system for the first time
  • Drive immediately continues to operate at the speed setpoint after the rotating measurement

SINAMICS DCB extension

  • User-specific DCB libraries that have been generated are supported with the SINAMICS DCB Studio.
  • "DCB Extension" license required, only available as supplementary license (MLFB: 6SL3077-0AA00-0AB0), release for delivery is scheduled for June 2013.

Limitations and functional restrictions
The limitations and functional restrictions of the SINAMICS firmware version V04.06.00.03 and DCC-SINAMICS V2.2.1 are documented in the readme.pdf file on the relevant CompactFlash card and in the file STARTER_V4.3.2 Randbedingungen.pdf (secondary conditions.pdf) on the STARTER-DVD version V4.3.2.

Effective immediately, the software can be ordered as CompactFlash card by specifying the Order No. above.  

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