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Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 7268288, Entry date: 04/26/2001

Interruption of setup when updating ProTool (Pro/Lite) V5.2 from SP2 to SP3. Error message: "Cannot process Ptreg.dat"

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What can cause the appearance of an error message when updating ProTool (Pro/Lite) V5.2 from SP2 to SP3?

At a level of about 35% completion of updating your setup aborts with the message "Cannot process Ptreg.dat".

There are multiple different versions of the "PTREG.DLL" file on your computer.

Via "Start > Find > Files or Folders…" find all the files with the name "PTREG.DLL" on your local hard disks. Delete all them except the one in the ProTool directory.

The correct file must have the following properties:
"Version of 04.08.2000 02:11"
You can have these file properties displayed by right-clicking the "PTREG.DLL" file in the ProTool directory and selecting "Properties".


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