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Support for new S7-226XM PLC in STEP 7-Micro/WIN32

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The S7-226XM PLC offers twice the V-memory and twice the program memory of the S7-226 PLC.
Since the S7-226XM PLC became available between STEP 7-Micro/WIN releases, add on support for the new 226XM CPU is achieved by using the update installation program provided here.

This extra V-memory and program memory can be accessed by Micro/WIN in either of two ways:

  • Connect directly to a S7-226XM and set the PLC Type using the online method: in STEP 7-Micro/WIN select "Read PLC" from the "PLC Type" dialog. This method is preferred when the S7-226XM CPU hardware is available. With the actual CPU hardware, you are allowed full access to the extra V-memory and program memory, and no 226XM update installation is required.
  • Install the 226XM update provided here, which is available for STEP 7-Micro/WIN release versions,, and only. After installing, set the PLC type using the offline method: select "CPU22XM" from the list in the "PLC Type" dialog.

 Readme_e.pdf ( 6 KB )

226XM update
 226XM_ADDON.zip ( 543 KB )

Without this update installed into STEP 7-Micro/WIN, it is possible to program the S7-226XM PLC by selecting "CPU 226" for the PLC type. However, you will be limited to the V-memory and program size of the S7-226 PLC.

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