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SINAMICS S120 Camming with DCC

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Camming permits relative motion between a leading and following axis with the correct angle, which can be implemented using freely parameterizable cams. This replaces mechanical eccentric cams and cranks.

Note: For this application example, there is already a newer version available 109757232

In synchronous operation, the axis is externally controlled as following axis. The position setpoint is derived from a leading axis (master value source). In the synchronous operation mode, many axes can be coupled, which are either all controlled from the same leading axis or in groups of various leading axes.

This application solves the task by means of the blocks from the GMC library. The GMC library is based on SINAMICS DCB Extension and is an extension for the existing DCC standard library. With the new motion control blocks, application function can be realized drive based in SINAMICS S120.

The camming application includes the following functions:

  • Real leading axis
  • Virtual leading axis
  • Master value switchover
  • Catching up/stopping
  • Engaging/disengaging operation
  • Electronic gear
  • Reversible cam
  • Synchronization to master value
  • Absolute and relative offset input
  • Print mark correction on leading and following axis side
  • Flying homing for following axis and real leading axis
  • Homing for following axis and real leading axis
  • Positioning for the real and virtual leading axis as well as autonomously, for the following axis
  • Deadtime compensation
  • Following error monitoring

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