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Download: PROFIBUS GSD files for ET 200SP

Station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V4.2 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-6BU01-0CN0
Version: V04.02.75.00
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200SP_DP_HF_V42.zip (227,2 KB)
SHA256 checksum: 908D39A40C079C81D60B4B96FF198A9F08D7E7E3C9F1776562B6A4E26FF8A125

Station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V3.1 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-6BU00-0CN0
Version: 08/2018
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200SP_DP_HF_V31.zip (179.8 KB)
SHA256 checksum: 152C7050E634349DD0A76D0A896D55F06B455D24B6CA9F34E7DA6BA52FF938E2

Station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V1.1 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-6BU00-0CN0
Version: 02/2014
 Registrierung notwendig  et200sp_dp_hf_v11.zip (68.7 KB)
SHA-256 checksum: 78F097D5B313294DCACAA4DA29472189B51CC75759CA8772D3CF835922D78167

Station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V1.0 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-6BU00-0CN0
Version: 08/2013
 Registrierung notwendig  et200sp_dp_hf.zip (21.6 KB))
SHA-256 checksum: 6C46233B17C707E1D3927E964C4284DD53090F09FB18BEC361E7812A805A9A04

Station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V4.2 (Rev.3)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-6BU0x-0CN0
Version: V04.02.75.00
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200SP_DP_HF_V42_Rev3.zip (188,8 KB)
SHA-256 checksum: 5F67A3B6B5583F4CD1F4514076A2F1F0E5F64EEB365CA7D3388F37244BBA3D2D

Station type: IM 155-6 DP HF V3.1 (Rev.3)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-6BU00-0CN0
Version: 08/2018
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200SP_DP_HF_V31_Rev3.zip (151.1 KB)
SHA-256 checksum: 6784B1AB83547B7677D3835445EAC54952E7209986047D06566DA4617C4481D2

PROFIBUS GSD file Revision 3 for ET 200SP

FAQ: How do I define the SHA-256 checksum of a file? 109483101

An additional GSD file in revision 3 is now available in addition to the previous PROFIBUS GSD files with revision 5. This may only be used of one of the following points applies:

·        The engineering tool used does not support GSD files with Revision 5, such as COM PROFIBUS.

·        The PROFIBUS master module does not support DP V1 mode with data records. In this case, all functions based on data record communication cannot be used.


Due to the restrictions regarding the syntax of Revision 3 GSD files, operation of ET 200SP behind a Y-Link is not supported when configuring IM155-6DP HF using a Revision 3 GSD file.

Change history:
  Aenderungshistorie_ET_200SP_GSD_SIOS.pdf (58,7 KB)

SHA-256 checksum: A63CD43C5D23CB088393797686DEA646BBEB95412FD0F677B57608F192901326


You can download the manuals (Manual Collection) here:

The current PROFINET certificates for ET 200SP are provided here:https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/de/ps/cert

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