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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 73051526, Entry date: 05/31/2013

Benefits of a Systemwide Migration to the TIA Portal (Power Point Slides)

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This set of slides shows the potentials of a migration to the TIA Portal.
With the aid of an example system all the components are migrated and the resulting benefits described.
Additional detailed information is provided for every component.


Using practical examples, this set of overhead slides shows the many benefits that arise from the use of the TIA Portal with its associated components. The user can easily and intuitively branch from this set of slides to corresponding product and migration slides.

The migration slides are available for download in a self-extracting file. 
Siemens_Migration.exe ( 305727 KB )      (Power Point 2010)

When you click on the link the download dialog will come up. Click on execute.
Enter the desired drive path in the subsequent screen and confirm with "Install".
The slides will be stored in the specified drive path, after which the PowerPoint presentation will start automatically.
If the folders are not required anymore they can be deleted at any time.

You can also use the Zip file  Siemens_Migration.zip ( 617535 KB )    for the download and start the file „System Migration PLC-HMI_004__Start.ppsx" manual.