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KB1350 Is it possible to switch off the G120P completely when it is in standby mode (to avoid standby power consumption)?

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  • With the RUN command from BMS, relays K2, K3 and K4 are energized.
  • Contactors K2 and K3 are switched on immediately; G120P is powered and starts up.
  • K4 will be switched with delay because G120P must be started up before the ON command can be applied.
  • If the RUN command is switched off, contactor K3 will keep G120P powered on for the time needed to ramp down.
  • If a fault occurs, the K1 relay is deenergized and the K1 openers will close. K2 will keep itself energized, G120P remains powered to allow fault acknowledge and fault code reading from the display.
  • The fault signal (K1) applies only at the BMS if G120P is powered on (K2). This is needed because the G120P fault relay is deactivated when G120P is switched off.
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