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SIRIUS Safety Integrated: Emergency stop shutdown via AS-i to SIL 3 or PL e with a Modular Safety System

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Monitoring of multiple emergency stop command devices via AS-i with a 3RK3 Modular Safety System. 


The Modular Safety System monitors each of the two-channel emergency stop command devices connected to AS-i. When one of the emergency stop command devices is actuated, the Modular Safety System opens the enabling circuits and switches the power contactors off in a safety-related way. If the emergency stop command device is unlatched and the feedback circuit is closed, the Start button can be used to switch on again.



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Project for Modular Safety System ES
Emergency_stop_AS-i_sdp.zip ( 2 KB )
Project for Safety Evaluation Tool Emergency_stop_MSS_AS-i_set.zip ( 18 KB )
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Hardware platform:  Safety, SIRIUS, MSS, AS-i
Software:  MSS ES
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