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Which memory cards can you use with a S7-400 CPU?

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The memory cards listed here are available for use in a SIMATIC S7-400 CPU.
Order numberMemory card
6ES7952-0AF00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 64KB
6ES7952-1AH00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 256KB
6ES7952-1AK00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 1MB
6ES7952-1AL00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 2MB
6ES7952-1AM00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 4MB
6ES7952-1AP00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 8MB
6ES7952-1AS00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 16MB
6ES7952-1AY00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, RAM, 64MB
6ES7952-0KF00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 64KB
6ES7952-0KH00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 256KB
6ES7952-1KK00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 1MB
6ES7952-1KL00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 2MB
6ES7952-1KM00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 4MB
6ES7952-1KP00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 8MB
6ES7952-1KS00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 16MB
6ES7952-1KT00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 32MB
6ES7952-1KY00-0AA0S7 Memory Card, FEPROM, 64MB
Table 01

When implementing the SIMATIC S7-400H fault-tolerant system, the SIMATIC memory cards used in the controllers must be of a minimum size (see Entry ID: 9984889).

The following tables show the S7-400 CPUs and the SIMATIC memory cards to be used with them.

CPU 412Order numberSize of memory card

CPU 412-1, MPI

6ES7412-1XF00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7412-1XF01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7412-1XF02-0AB0max. 16 MB
CPU 412-1, MPI/DP6ES7412-1XF03-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7412-1XF04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7412-1XJ05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7412-1XJ07-0AB0 max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 412-2, MPI/DP6ES7412-2XG00-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7412-2XG04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7412-2XJ05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7412-2XK07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7412-2EK07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 412-2, PN6ES7412-2EK06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7412-2EK07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 412-3H6ES7412-3HJ14-0AB0max. 64 MB
CPU 412-5H6ES7412-5HK06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
Table 02
CPU 413 Order number Size of memory card
CPU 413-1, MPI 6ES7413-1XG00-0AB0 max. 16 MB
6ES7413-1XG01-0AB0 max. 16 MB
6ES7413-1XG02-0AB0 max. 16 MB
CPU 413-2, MPI/DP 6ES7413-2XG00-0AB0 max. 16 MB
6ES7413-2XG01-0AB0 max. 16 MB
6ES7413-2XG02-0AB0 max. 16 MB
Table 03
CPU 414Order numberSize of memory card
CPU 414-1, MPI6ES7414-1XG00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-1XG01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-1XG02-0AB0max. 16 MB
CPU 414-2, MPI/DP6ES7414-2XG00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-2XG01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-2XG02-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-2XG03-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7414-2XG04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-2XJ00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-2XJ01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7414-2XK05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-2XL07-0AB0 max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 414-3, MPI/DP6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7414-3XJ04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-3XM05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-3XM07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 414-3, PN/DP6ES7414-3EM05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-3EM06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-3EM07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 414F-3, PN/DP6ES7414-3FM06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-3FM07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 414-4H6ES7414-4HJ00-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7414-4HJ04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7414-4HM14-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 414-5H6ES7414-5HM06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
Table 04
CPU 416Order numberSize of memory card
CPU 416-1, MPI6ES7416-1XJ00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7416-1XJ01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7416-1XJ02-0AB0max. 16 MB
CPU 416-2, MPI/DP6ES7416-2XK00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7416-2XK01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7416-2XK02-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7416-2XL00-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7416-2XL01-0AB0max. 16 MB
6ES7416-2XK04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-2XN05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-2XP07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 416F-2, MPI/DP6ES7416-2FK02-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-2FK04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-2FN05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-2FP07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 416-3, MPI/DP6ES7416-3XL00-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3XL04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3XR05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3XS07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 416-3, PN/DP6ES7416-3ER05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3ES06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3ES07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 416F-3, PN/DP6ES7416-3FR05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3FS06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7416-3FS07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 416-5H, PN/DP6ES7416-5HS06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
Table 05
CPU 417Order numberSize of memory card
CPU 417-46ES7417-4XL00-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7417-4XL04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 16 MB (RAM)
6ES7417-4XT05-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7417-4XT07-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 417-4H6ES7417-4HL00-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7417-4HL01-0AB0max. 64 MB
6ES7417-4HL04-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
6ES7417-4HT14-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
CPU 417-5H6ES7417-5HT06-0AB0max. 64 MB (FEPROM)
max. 64 MB (RAM)
Table 06  

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