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What should you watch out for when using the RT Client or RC Client license in WinCC V7?

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With WinCC V7.0 SP3 and higher you can select "WinCC Client" during installation. There are multiple aspects to be considered when using these licenses.

Note the following before installing WinCC V7 RT Client/RC Client Licenses:

When WinCC Client is installed Microsoft SQL Server Express is installed automatically at the same time. Therefore with a Client license only the Microsoft SQL Server Express can be used. In the case of a standard installation of WinCC (single station, for example) the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition is installed, which is not licensed with the WinCC Client license. Instead, you need a WinCC RT and/or RC license to use the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.

This has the following consequences:

  • If an SQL Server Standard Edition as included in the standard installation of WinCC is already installed on the Client computer, a license message is displayed.
  • In order to use the WinCC Client licenses you select the user-defined installation. Then select the "WinCC Client" version.
  • You need an RC Client license to configure on a client. This license is valid for clients with and without a project.
  • Unlike other licenses, the WinCC Client licenses cannot be upgraded with power packs.
  • The "WinCC Upgrade RT and RC Client" licenses convert the "RC128", "RT128" or WinCC Client license from a previous version into a WinCC Client license of the new version.

If you want to upgrade from RT/RC 128 to RT/RC Client, please make sure that Microsoft SQL Server Express is installed on the computer.

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