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Questions on upgrading of the SIMOTION SCOUT and related SCOUT licenses

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This FAQ anwers the following questions regarding upgrading of the SIMOTION SCOUT and related SCOUT licenses.

Which dependencies must be observed for the upgrade?

The SIMOTION SCOUT is installed in a STEP 7 environment, two different versions can be ordered:

  1. For the standard SCOUT (order no. 6AU1810-1BA), a separate STEP 7 environment is required.
  2. For SCOUT Stand-alone (order no. 6AU1810-1CA), the necessary STEP 7 environment is supplied. With the STEP 7 supplied with SCOUT Stand-alone, you cannot create S7 programs.
    Note: If you require the STEP 7 environment supplied in the future to process STEP 7 programs, you can release this by transferring a suitable STEP 7 license.


  • When performing the upgrade, you can only use the upgrade that is suitable for the version used! The license for a standard SCOUT cannot be upgraded using an upgrade license for SCOUT Stand-alone; the same applies for the opposite case.
  • When using a standard SCOUT, you must adjust the SIMATIC version. The version required is stated in the Readme.txt on the SCOUT installation DVD or in the compatibility list.
  • Further, dependencies on other SIEMENS products (in particular WinCC flexible) must be observed when performing the upgrade. These dependencies are described in the compatibility list.

See also compatibility list in article ID: 18857317


How can you identify the SCOUT version used?

The two SCOUT versions only differ by the licensing. In the SCOUT, you cannot identify the version.

There are two ways to identify the SCOUT version used:

  1. You know which installation DVDs have been used to install the SCOUT. Then you can identify the version via the imprinted order number and the designation on the DVD.
    An assignment can be made by means of the highlighted character in the order number:
    - 6AU1810-1BAxx-1Xx0 SIMOTION SCOUT (standard version)
    - 6AU1810-1CAxx-1Xx0 SIMOTION SCOUT Stand-alone
  2. On the computer, you can find out the version via the license entry in the Automation License Manager. The following figures show the two possible entries:

Fig. 1: Display of the license for the standard SCOUT in the Automation License Manager

Fig. 2: Display of the license for the SCOUT Stand-alone in the Automation License Manager

How can you change to another SCOUT version?

You cannot change between the standard SCOUT and SCOUT Stand-alone via the upgrade. The upgrade must be selected according to the version used.
If you wish to use another SCOUT version in the future, install a basic version of the version required.


May STEP 7 be updated independently of the SCOUT?

To ensure compatibility, only approved STEP 7 compatibility lists may be used in combination with the SCOUT (see compatibility list). Due to continuous product improvements, the latest software versions, service packs and hotfixes are always provided for STEP 7.

In this context, the following applies:

  • New versions and service packs for STEP 7 may not be used without release.
    The release is stated in the compatibility list.
  • Hotfixes for STEP 7 may be installed subsequently. The SCOUT need not be deinstalled for this.
    The suitable STEP 7 hotfixes may also be installed to upgrade the STEP 7 environment supplied with SCOUT Stand-alone.


What must be observed when purchasing a Software Update Service?

The following must be observed when ordering a Software Update Service for the first time:

  • Delivery only starts with the next software version provided via the Update Service.
    This means, if the delivery of the Update Service has already been completed for the current software version, no further parts will be delivered.
    Remedy: If you cannot wait until the next version, you can order the current upgrade version once additionally to the Update Service.
  • For the Update Service, an upgrade license is only delivered with the SCOUT software upgrade requiring the license for the first time. License sticks are no longer delivered for all subsequent software upgrades which do not require any license.
    This means, if an Update Service has already been delivered with a license upgrade for the current software version, you will receive only the software upgrade for the SCOUT.
    Remedy: Order the current upgrade version once additionally to the Update Service. In this case, the upgrade license is always included.


Can the license for a newer SCOUT version be used for earlier versions?

The license for a newer (higher) SCOUT version is also valid for all earlier (lower) SCOUT versions. This is functional retroactively up to the version V4.0.


Why is the license not identified following a SCOUT upgrade?

If the license is not identified after performing an upgrade resp. the license upgrade is not performed, you can check the following:

  • Is the suitable license (resp. upgrade license) for the SCOUT version used provided in the Automation License Manager (see previous item "How can you identify the SCOUT version used?")?
     If the answer is NO: Order an upgrade for the SCOUT version used and reinstall the SCOUT. Then upgrade the license.
  • Is the correct license version for the SCOUT installed provided in the Automation License Manager?
    If the answer is NO: With the upgrade license, you can upgrade the old license for the earlier SCOUT version. Transfer the upgrade license from the license stick delivered. Then upgrade the license in the License Manager.


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