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SIMOTION TRC1000 technology module for integrated register control

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The SIMOTION TRC1000 register control technology module will be released customer specific for delivery. It will be distributed as a trading good of Wiedeg Elektronik GmbH together with a SIMOTION controller to customers of the printing industry.

The SIMOTION TRC1000 register control technology module is an intelligent, optical sensor that operates with white light and high quality gray value detection. All of the usual wedge and block print marks will be automatically identified. The sensor consists of an evaluation unit, fiber-optic cable and specific accessories. It communicates with a SIMOTION controller via PROFINET IO with IRT. In combination with the SIMOTION Print Standard application a direct integration of the register control into the motion control system of printing and converting machines is possible.

In multicolor printing a register control system ensures a constant print quality. But also cutting, embossing, punching or coating processes in other machines of the converting industry require a register control function. Therefore, special print marks are printed in addition to the actual printed image. In combination with the integrated register control solution for SIMOTION, Siemens also offers the SIMOTION TRC1000 wedge mark sensor for the price-sensitive segments of the printing industry. It is especially suitable for standard inks printed on paper and register functions of the converting industry.

Because of the direct integration into the motion control system of the printing machine, a high level of performance and reliability for register control will be achieve. Furthermore it is favorably-priced and especially compact. Additional controllers, HMI screens even cabinets as well as the mounting of additional encoders on the printing cylinders are not required anymore.

The register control software will be provided with the SIMOTION Print Standard Add On Register Control TRC1000 application (see 59753224). Training courses for experienced SIMOTION application engineers are regularly available.

The modular SIMOTION TRC1000 wedge mark sensor contains of the IDS-PN evaluation unit with intelligent measured value processing (1-channel as gray value) and specific accessories. It will be directly connected to PROFINET IO with IRT via an integrated 2-port switch. Therefore it is integrated in the line topology of the machine real-time PROFINET network. By using the accessories it can be adopted to the particular measurement tasks or the specific machine situation. The DS sensor module, for example, expands the basic device to add a second fiber-optic cable for measuring on the reverse side or parallely located marks. The two modules will be interconnected with a prefabricated cable (available in two lengths) and connected to 24 V DC with a plugging cable (one side end) at the main device. The same fiber-optic cable (available in two lengths) is equipped with an optical system, and can used into the IDS-PN or the DS. The optical system will be mounted on a machine traverse using a three-part fiber-optic cable installation set and standard ITEM profile elements. Further, the optical power and measured value processing can be adjusted using the fiber optic calibration tool for sophisticated measuring exercises.

SIMOTION TRC1000 register control

Powerful entry-level solution with a monochrome sensor

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