Entry type: FAQ, Entry ID: 7469013, Entry date: 04/17/2003

No communication possible between 3Com card with Softnet IE PG or IE S7 V 3.3 and an ethernet CP

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Why does the communication between my network card and the ethernet communication processor not work?

You are using STEP 7 V5.x, a S7 ethernet communication processor (e.g. CP 343-1) and a regular network card (e.g. 3Com card).
The functionality of the communication with the network card has been verified. When you try to load program blocks with the CP into the CPU, you receive the message: "Download 33:17088: Online: Can not load the selected communication driver. File not found".

Install the software "S7-1613" from the SIMATIC NET CD (not later than 05/2000), on which you can also find the software "Softnet". This will install two missing files which are needed for the TCP-PG function.
Alternatively, you can download ServicePack 1 for Softnet IE V 3.3 under entry ID 7540167.

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