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Delivery release for SINAMICS DCB Extension

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Update: 09/30/2014

As from SINAMICS FW V4.6, DCB Extension is provided as an extension for SINAMICS DCCin addition to DCB Standard.
In this context, the DCB library "GMC" including the new Motion Control applications has been created and is available for download.

Update: 09/30/2014

Drive Control Block (DCB) Extension provides an extension option for the blocks for the Advanced Technology Function provided by SINAMICS Drive Control Chart (DCC) in SINAMICS S120.

DCB Extension refer to DCB blocks which have been created with the development environment SINAMICS DCB Studio. Analogously to the existing DCB standard blocks, these blocks can be configured for the DCC Editor.

In this context, the DCB library "GMC" has been created with the new Motion Control blocks. This library is provided in the Siemens Industry Online Support under "Applications & Tools", see 72839973.

The following Motion Control applications have been created with this new DCB library and are now available for download:

More details regarding application examples are provided in the download area.

Your benefits

The new Motion Control blocks allow to

  • implement drive-specific solutions regarding positioning and synchronization applications
  • perform the migration from MASTERDRIVES F01 and SIMATIC FM458 (for basic applications)
  • significantly extend the DCC scope of functions.

Further, you can order customer-specific DCB blocks. Thus, you can program tailored drive-specific DCB blocks. If you are interested, please contact your responsible sales person. Contact persons are available all over the world.

Field of application

You can download the above-mentioned Motion Control applications at no cost. When selecting synchronization applications, please observe the distinction from the existing systems.

(click to enlarge)

More details regarding the DCB library "GMC" and Motion Control applications is provided in 72839973.


SINAMICS DCB Extension can be used as from STARTER V4.3 SP2 and as from SINAMICS FW V4.6. You must order a license for each Control Unit before you can use the SINAMICS DCB Extension. The name of the license is SINAMICS DCB Extension. Licensing is performed via the Web License Manager and described in the SINAMICS S120 Function Manual Drive Functions (FH1).

Ordering data

If you wish to use the advanced technology function DCB Extension, you must a order license for each Control Unit. The license can be ordered by stating the Article number 6SL3077-0AA00-0AB0 (SINAMICS DCB Extension) or as option U01 to CompactFlash Card.


Documentation for all Motion Control applications is provided in the download area for the application examples.

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