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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 7521694, Entry date: 05/22/2001

ET 200X DESINA/ECOFAST: New Basic Modules with Hybrid Fieldbus Interface in Copper (RS485)

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The ET 200X range of distributed I/Os has been expanded by two new basic modules.

In addition to the existing basic modules BM 141,142,143 and 147, the new basic modules provide a hybrid fieldbus interface for PROFIBUS-DP in Copper technology (RS485).

The modules are available in two different versions with ECOFAST interface.

The modules are available in two different versions with ECOFAST interface:

  • BM 143 DESINA 8DI/8DO (6ES7 143-1BF00-0AB0)
  • BM141 ECOFAST 8DI (6ES7 141-1BF00-0AB0)
The design and size is in line with the existing BM143 (6ES7 143-1BF00-0XB0) basic module.

General Functionality


Standardized Fieldbus connection via hybrid connectors (2 x CU for PROFIBUS-DP RS485,
4 x CU for switched load and non-switched (electronics/transducers) power supply; HanBrid connectors.
  • Immunity against EMN
  • Reduced cabling
  • Fault-free connections
  • Quick and robust assembly
Standardized M12 connection for all channels
  • Quick, uniform and fault-free installation

Identification connector for node address

  • Module replacement without adjustments
  • Connector can be fixed to the machine

Up to 7 expansion modules on BM

  • High modularity

Modules can be freely combined with others

  • Being standard ET200X modules, DESINA can be employed anywhere

IP66/IP67 degree of protection

  • No cubicle required

Functionality of BM143 DESINA RS485


Channels can be freely parameterized:

  • 8 channels acc. to DESINA
  • each channel can be parameterized as input or output
  • Diagnostic pin can be parameterized as inverted input.
  • high flexibility
  • reduction in the variety of components

Additional diagnostic input per channel for component monitoring

  • Max. combinations: 16DI or 8 DI acc. to DESINA with diagnostic pin, or 8 DO, with any combinations in-between
  • short maintenance times
  • quick fault localization
  • high availability

Outputs suitable for switching 30W valves (1.3A)


Inputs suitable for 2-wire Beros

  • Type II characteristics

The 8DI/DO module acc. to DESINA corresponds to the DESINA spezification of VDW (Verein deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken).

DESINA stands for "Distributed and Standardized Installation Technology for Machine tools and Manufacturing Systems".

DESINA comprehensively specifies all installation components, such as I/O modules, sensors, actuators, motor feeders and connecting techniques on machine tools. The aim of DESINA is a reduction of costs of the electrical equipment of machine tools and of manufacturing systems through standardization of all interfaces and functions of the installation components.

The overall cost reduction is achieved primarily through reduced installation and assembly times, short maintenance times, reduced stockholding, less documentation.

Functionality BM141 ECOFAST 8DI


8-channel basic module for digital inputs
  • Modular design and techn. data of the 8DI same as 6ES7 141-1BF40-0XA0

Single-channel occupation

  • No Y connector for 8 channels required

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