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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 75407065, Entry date: 07/01/2013

Delivery release for the SINUMERIK Integrate Package SW4.0

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The delivery release for the below-stated applications belonging to the SINUMERIK Integrate product range has been issued. The affected applications are thus released for delivery under the collective name "SINUMERIK Integrate Package SW 4.0".

The release comprises the following products:

  • Manage MyPrograms (MMP)                   V02.05.00.00
  • Manage MyTools (MMT)                         V02.05.00.00
  • Access MyMachine/Ethernet (AMM/E)   V04.12.00.00
  • Access MyBackup (AMB)                        V04.12.00.00
  • Analyze MyCondition (AMC)                    V04.12.00.00
  • Analyze MyPerformance (AMP)                V02.05.00.00

The following applications are supplied on the DVD SINUMERIK Integrate Package SW4.0:

  • Manage MyPrograms (MMP)
  • Manage MyTools (MMT)
  • Access MyBackup (AMB)
  • Analyze MyCondition/local (AMC)
  • Analyze MyPerformance (AMP)

In addition, the AMM Clients (HMI Advanced Client, Service Engineer Client and Service Mode Client) are delivered on the DVD!

The following applications are only/also provided in the Cloud Version (ASP):

  • Access MyMachine/Ethernet (AMM/E) (cloud installation only)
  • Analyze MyCondition (AMC) (cloud installation and local installation)

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