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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 75735742, Entry date: 07/02/2013

Low-voltage converters SINAMICS G150 (6SL3710-xxxx-xxx3) – Change notification for various options

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As a result of changed general conditions and requirements, several options of the SINAMICS G150 cabinet unit will be changed or new options released.

CHANGE: Option K74 "230 V AC auxiliary power supply"

Up until now, for all SINAMICS G150 cabinet units, only one 230V AC power supply was installed if this was internally required for options. Further, the internal 230V supply was only used in very few cases, as the control voltage is generally externally supplied.

With option K74, a 230V AC supply is integrated in the control cabinet, which supplies the internal 230V components from the power supply.

The following constellations require 230V:

G150 HP and G150 12 pulse / parallel connection / 6SL3710-2xxx

G150 6 pulse / single connection / 6SL3710-1xxx with options L13, L26 >800A, B00, G61, K50, L57, L59, L60, L83, L84, L86, L87 

For these devices and/or devices with these options, option K74 must always be ordered if there is no 230V supply.

The option can only be selected for version A (standard). Cannot be selected for version C (especially compact design). 



Example of a device circuit diagram; in future, the components marked in red, must be ordered as option K74.

The changes will come completely into effect September 30, 2013; we would ask you to take into account that all converters supplied from October 1, 2013, will reflect these changes.

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