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Spare parts, repair services for SINUMERIK, SINAMICS

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Which general spare part services are provided for Motion Control Systems?

Spare parts and repair service

This article provides you with useful information about spare parts and repair services for automation and drives, as well as additional services for machine tools equipped with CNC controllers, production machines and production systems.

Overview of all services:
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Replacement delivery
  • Repair
  • Component upgrade service
  • General overhaul
  • Function repair
  • Extended spare parts availability

Our services for automation and drives
Standstill times may lead to trouble in production and cause unnecessary costs. We help you reduce both as far as possible through our worldwide spare parts logistics management which ensures that all faults can be eliminated before causing greater damage.

Delivery of spare parts, replacement or repair
A defective component may lead to standstill on drive systems, automation systems, machine tools or production machines. We have designed our worldwide spare parts inventory such that we can usually supply a as good as new replacement component within a few days. The customer always receives an original Siemens spare part. The defective component can be returned within a specified period, and you will be refunded the price if the component returned can be repaired.

More detailed information is provided at the following links
Delivery of spare parts
Replacement delivery

If the component can only be repaired, we offer an express repair service for lots of components. Components which cannot be transported without problem can also be repaired on site by our service staff.

More detailed information is provided at the following link

Spare parts services for drive systems, machine tools and production machines
We offer additional services which help you - machine tool and production machine operators and manufacturers - if, for example, the CNC is defective or damaged or is no longer functional due to another fault. This spare parts and repair service has been designed for Motion Control systems and is in particular offered for the following product groups:


1FE1; 1FK6; 1FK7; 1FL3; 1FN1; 1FN2; 1FN3; 1FT5; 1FT6; 1FT7; 1FW3; 1FW6; 1PH7; 1PH8; 1UA1; 1UA2; 1UA7; 6AT1; 6AU1; 6EP1; 6ES5; 6ES7; 6EV3; 6EW1; 6FC3; 6FC4; 6FC5; 6FC6; 6FC9; 6FM2; 6FM8; 6FX1; 6FX2; 6SC6; 6SE2; 6SE3; 6SE6; 6SE7; 6SE9; 6SL3; 6SN1; 6SN2; 6SW1; 6SX7; 6SY7; 6SY9; 6XG3; 6ZY1

Product Upgrade service
Via the upgrade service, you will receive a compatible successor for many spare parts for SINUMERIK, SIMODRIVE, SINAMICS, MASTERDRIVES and MICROMASTER products, even if the relevant component has already been discontinued or is no longer available. Thus, you can significantly extend the machining time and prevent unnecessary machine retrofit during the next few years.

More detailed information is provided at the following link
Product Upgrade Service

Extension of the spare parts inventory
In particular for machine tools equipped with a SINUMERIK 840D controller, which are used in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, we offer components for which we guarantee spare parts availability that extends the normal 10-year period. To be able to plan the spare parts supply for the project also beyond the end of the normal product life cycle, you have to submit an online registration via identSNAPSHOT and sign the relevant contract with Siemens AG.

More detailed information is provided at the following link
Extended spare parts availability

Low-cost alternatives to lump-sum repair
Alternatively, the modular design of drive systems, machine tools and production machines allows low-cost repair which only restores the function. Non-functional faults such as scratches or discolorations will not be corrected. Thus, this function repair is a more favorably priced alternative to standard repair and, at the same time, ensures the quality of repair.

More detailed information is provided at the following link
Function repair

We can cost-effectively check the function of components which you have already stocked up in your spare parts store some time ago, and for which you cannot ensure proper functioning. If you also wish to upgrade the firmware resp. replace all wear parts, we can completely overhaul the relevant component within the scope of our general overhaul service.

More detailed information is provided at the following links
General overhaul
Function check

More information
If you have any further questions, please contact your local Siemens contact person.


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