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DDE channel to Excel locally on a computer

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How can I exchange data with Excel locally on a computer via the DDE channel?


1. WinCC

  • Start WinCC and create a new project.
  • Under "Variables" insert a new driver named "Windows DDE.CHN".

  • Under this channel you create a new connection

  • You set the parameters of this connection in the "DDE Connection" tab. In the case of a local connection to EXCEL the "Computer name" field can remain empty. Here the local computer name is used automatically. The "Application" to be communicated with is EXCEL. The "Topic" is the file name of the EXCEL table. Here you must also specify the table sheet concerned. In the German version of Excel you enter "Tabellex" for the table sheet, in the English version "Sheetx" (x = 1,2....).

The parameters might have to be adapted for other language versions of EXCEL. This example is based on the German version.

  • Finally, still under the connection, you create a new variable via which you can then communicate with Excel.

You define the properties of the variables as follows:

As address you specify the field in the table in which the data is to be written. For this you first enter the row number and then the column number. You can also select the format with which you wish to transfer the data. Also when addressing you must differentiate between the German and English versions of Excel. If you have a German version of Excel, the address is Z1S1, in the English version R1C1.

The parameters might have to be adapted for other language versions of EXCEL. This example is based on the German version.

  • Now start the GraphicsDesigner and create an I/O field that is to be connected to the variables configured above.

  • Now you can start Runtime.

  • Tip
    To ensure that the Excel table which you access starts automatically with Runtime you insert the following task under Computer>Properties, "Start" tab:

Here the application is the Excel.exe file to make Excel start with the start of the Runtime mode. As parameter you specify the Excel file in which you want to write the data. To make sure that WinCC also finds the file, you should also specify under Active Directory where the file is stored.

2. Excel
Now open Excel and create a file with the name specified above. Now you can write to the variables in WinCC and the value changes in Excel. This also works in the other direction, of course.

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