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SINUMERIK 828D, 840D sl: Possible causes for spindle limitations

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There are a number of parameters which may limit the speed or output of a drive. In this FAQ section, you will find an overview of the most important parameters and diagnostic options.

What limitations in SINAMICS S120 affect the spindle and how can they be evaluated? Which parameters can limit the speed or acceleration?

The spindle speed limitation can be determined by entering the following synchronized actions in a subprogram:

n is the axis number of the spindle
In the R parameter R1, a numerical value can only be read after the operation of the drive.

Value Description
0 No limitation (SERUPRO)
1 Maximum speed (chuck speed) of the spindle MD 35100 SPIND_VELO_LIMIT
2 The speed is limited to the maximum speed in the current gear stage MD 35130 GEAR_STEP_MAX_VELO_LIMIT
3 The speed is limited by position control to 90% of the lowest value contained in MD 35100 and MD 35130 (SPCON, SPOS, possibly with COUPON,..)
4 The speed is limited by position control to MD 35135 GEAR_STEP_PC_MAX_VELO_LIMIT
5 The speed is limited to SD 43220 SPIND_MAX_VELO_G26 (G26 S.. or preset by HMI)
6 The speed is limited to MD 35160 SPIND_EXTERN_VELO_LIMIT because of set VDI interface signal DB31,...DBX3.6
7 The speed is limited to SD 43230 SPIND_MAX_VELO_LIMS with constant cutting speed (G96, G961, G962, G97, LIMS)
8 The speed is limited to safe speed (SS) by Safety Integrated
9 The speed is limited by preparation calculations
10 Limited to the maximum speed of the drive by drive parameter SINAMICS p1082
11 The speed is limited to MD 36300 ENC_FREQ_LIMIT at functions that require a functioning measuring system, for example, with position control and G95, G96, G97, G973, G33, G34, G35 for the master spindle. The limitation takes into account the encoder speed, the master spindle arrangement (direct/indirect), the master spindle limiting frequency and the current parameter set
12 The speed is limited by the axis mode. In the case of a synchronized spindle, axis mode is forced by the leading spindle
13 The speed of the overlaid motion of the following spindle is limited to the dynamics remaining after the coupling. A larger motion component of the overlaid motion can be achieved by reducing the leading spindle speed, for example, by programming G26 S, VELOLIM for the leading spindle or VELOLIMA for the following spindle. The coupling factor has to be taken into account.
14 The speed of the leading spindle is limited by lack of dynamics of the following spindle or a high gear ratio
15 The speed of the master spindle is limited to MD 35550 DRILL_VELO_LIMIT when tapping with G331, G332.
16 The speed is limited by the programming of VELOLIM
17 The speed is limited by tool parameter $TC_TP_MAX_VELO
20 The speed is limited by the NCU link.
21 The speed is limited by SD43235 SD_SPIND_USER_VELO_LIMIT, speed limited on the user side, e.g. by clamping device, chuck speed

A detailed description of the system variables is found in the list manual under entry ID: "SINUMERIK 840D sl System variables".

Further diagnostic options are shown in the function manual "SINUMERIK 840D sl / 828D Basic Functions" in the chapter "Diagnosis of spindle speed limitation".

Further limiting parameters

Param Description Note
MD34210 - MD34230 Adjustment status of the absolute value encoder  
p2000 REFERENCE SPEED also limits the speed Relates to MD36210
p1520 Torque limit setting If the torque has a limiting effect, p1407.7 on high
r1533/r1538 Effective torque limit  
p2003 Torque scaling  
p1250 Increase of the Vdc controller p1240 not equal to 0 -- Vdc controller activated
p640 Current limit setting  
r1533 Effective current limit Current has a limiting effect, p1408 on high
p1530 Output limit setting  


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